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December 12, 2007

Big Books Coming From Feiffer, Doucet

Traditional American comics culture has long displayed a healthy vein contempt in the way it interacts with straight-up publishing news. I'm not sure why, although I'd like to think the reason might have something to do with that the periodic trumpet fanfare that one might hear when actual books of significance come out has been subverted into a relentless kazoo solo of constant hype that even on its better days doesn't go much further than a new direction for Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Two interviews today spotlight what I would think of as pieces of publishing news, and good news at that. Julie Doucet releases her 365 Days into that "comes out in December but no on really sees it until January" slot, while Jules Feiffer gears up for the March release of his prime-time Village Voice strips in a Fantagraphics volume called Explainers, work that has been severely underexposed for its influence and general excellence.
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