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1000 Things to Like About Comics
posted March 23, 2005

1. "A Glass of Water," Grant Morrison, Dave McKean
2. "And the Trumpets They Played," Al Columbia
3. "Auld Lang Syne," by Eddie Campbell
4. "Bring Me The Head Of Boba Fett," Evan Dorkin
5. "Caricature," Daniel Clowes
6. "Fearless Flint" in Famous Funnies
7. "For the Love of Carmen," Gilbert Hernandez
8. "For The Man Who Has Everything," Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
9. "Goofy Fleeing Napalm," Tom Toles
10. "Gynecology," Daniel Clowes

11. "Heliogobalus," Neil Gaiman
12. "Here," Richard McGuire
13. "Hold Me," Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
14. "Hunter and Painter," Tom Gauld
15. "I Think I Was an Alcoholic Waiting to Happen," John Callahan
16. "I Was Killing When Killing Wasn't Cool," Al Columbia
17. "Jack London," Jessica Abel
18. "Lincoln Weeping" cartoon by Bill Mauldin
19. "Magic Kingdom," Carol Swain
20. "Man O' Metal" in Heroic

21. "Master Race," Bernard Krigstein and Al Feldstein
22. "Minnie's 3rd Love" (1994), Phoebe Gloeckner
23. "No Erect Penises," Jeff Johnson
24. "Pictopia," Alan Moore and Don Simpson
25. "Red Flowers" by Yoshiharu Tsuge
26. "Rules to Live By," Jason Lutes
27. "Sam," John Porcellino
28. "Short Story," The Langridge Brothers
29. "Sidetrack City," Kaz
30. "Speak For Yourself and Not For Reality!"

31. "Tear It Up, Terry Downe," Jaime Hernandez
32. "That's Life," Robert Crumb
33. "The Big 'IF,'" Harvey Kurtzman
34. "The Bowing Machine" by Mark Beyer and Alan Moore
35. "The Boy Who Breathed on the Glass at The British Museum," H.M. Bateman
36. "The Crush," Alison Bechdel
37. "The Girl Who Tempted Me," Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
38. "The Hannah Story," Carol Tyler
39. "The Last Flower," James Thurber
40. "The Little Man with the Eyes," Crockett Johnson

41. "The Little Man," Chester Brown
42. "The Most Important Thing," Graham Chaffee
43. "The Most Obvious Question" by Lynda Barry
44. "The Oak Sorrow," Blanquet
45. "The Pyjama Girl," Eddie Campbell
46. "Two Storms," by Glenn Dakin
47. "View of the World From 9th Avenue," Saul Steinberg
48. "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" Alan Moore, Curt Swan, George Perez
49. "Where Has It Gone, the Beautiful Music of Our Grandparents?" by Robert Crumb
50. "White Nightmare," Moebius

51. "Witch," by Andi Watson
52. (a suivre)
53. 100, Matsumoto Taiyo
54. 2000 AD
55. 2001, Jack Kirby
56. 24/7/365, You Can Read Something New About Comics
57. 24-Hour Comics
58. 28th Street, Kevin Huizenga
59. 42 Stories, Adrian Tomine
60. 5 is the Perfect Number, Igort

61. A Child's Story, Phoebe Gloeckner
62. A Contract with God, Will Eisner
63. A Harlot's Progress, William Hogarth
64. A Life Force, Will Eisner
65. A Major Cartoonist Sitting in Artist's Alley
66. A Sailor's Story, Sam Glanzman
67. Abe: Wrong for the Right Reasons, Glenn Dakin
68. Abie the Agent, Harry Hershfield
69. Aces High
70. Action Comics, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

71. Adele Blanc-Sec, Jacques Tardi
72. After the Snooter, Eddie Campbell
73. Agony in the Kindergarten, William Steig
74. Agony, Mark Beyer
75. Agrippine, Claire Bretecher
76. Air Pirates
77. Akira, Katushiro Otomo
78. Al Wiseman's Dennis the Menace Comics
79. Albert et Les Autres, Guy Delisle
80. Albuquerque Ben, Richard P. Butler

81. All In Line, Saul Steinberg
82. Alley Oop, V.T. Hamlin
83. Amazing Spider-Man #1-38 Steve Ditko and Stan Lee
84. Amazing Spider-Man #39-122, Various
85. American Flagg!, Howard Chaykin
86. American Splendor, Harvey Pekar
87. Ames Soeur, Jean-Jacques Sempe
88. Amphigorey Volumes, Edward Gorey
89. Anarchy Comics
90. And on the Eighth Day, Abner Dean

91. Andy Capp: Drunk, Wife-Beating Adulterer
92. Angouleme
93. Angry Youth Comics, Johnny Ryan
94. Animal Man, Grant Morrison et al
95. Any Similarities... Drew and Josh Friedman
96. Arcade
97. Arcade, World's Least Cost-Efficient Assassin
98. Art Moderne, Joost Swarte
99. Artichoke, Megan Kelso
100. Arzach, Moebius

101. As I See, Boris Artzybasheff
102. Asterix, Rene Goscinny and Albert Udozo
103. Astronauts in Trouble, Larry Young et al
104. Atlas, Dylan Horrocks
105. Attuma
106. Au Coeur Du Monde, Fabio
107. B. Krigstein, Greg Sadowski
108. B.E.M., Matti Hegelberg
109. Bacchus, Eddie Campbell
110. Bad Boys, JR Williams

111. Barkis, Crockett Johnson
112. Barnaby, Crockett Johnson
113. Barney Google (and Snuffy Smith) Billy DeBeck
114. Batman, Bob Kane's Various Hired Hands
115. Batman: Year One, Frank Miller and David Mazzcchelli
116. Be a Man, Jeffrey Brown
117. Beetle Bailey, Mort Walker
118. Behind Moroccan Walls, Boris Artzybasheff
119. Beppo the Super-Monkey
120. Berlin, Jason Lutes

121. Bern and Edwina, Pat Moriarity
122. Betsy and Me, Jack Cole
123. Betty and Veronica, Dan DeCarlo
124. Biff, Chris Garrett and Mick Kidd
125. Big Numbers, Alan Moore, Bill Sienkiewicz
126. Big Questions, Anders Nilsen
127. Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic, Evan Dorkin
128. Billie Holiday, Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo
129. Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary, Justin Green
130. Biologic Show, Al Columbia

131. Bizarro World, Hanging in Space, a Cube
132. Blab!
133. Black Aquaman
134. Black Diamond Western
135. Black Hole, Charles Burns
136. Black Magic
137. Black Panther, Jack Kirby
138. Black Terror, Mort Meskin, Jerry Robinson
139. Blazing Combat, Archie Goodwin et al
140. Blondie, Chic Young

141. Blood and Thunder, in Its Heyday
142. Blue Spring, Taiyo Matsumoto
143. Blueberry, Jean Giraud
144. Bob Fingerman at the End of San Diego Cons
145. Bone, Jeff Smith
146. Boob McNutt, Rube Goldberg
147. Boom Boom, David Lasky
148. Bootsie, Ollie Harrington
149. Botchan No Jidai, Natsuo Sekikawa, Jiro Taniguchi
150. Bottle Fatigue, Virgil Partch

151. Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Kim Deitch
152. Box, Brian Sendelbach
153. Boy Comics, Charles Biro and Norman Maurer
154. Boy Loves Girl
155. Boys' Ranch, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon
156. Bravo for Adventure, Alex Toth
157. Breakdowns, Art Spiegelman
158. Breakfast After Noon, Andi Watson
159. Bringing up Father, George McManus
160. Brouillard Au Pont De Tolbiac, Jacques Tardi

161. Brute and Glob
162. Brynocki
163. Bud Plant Ads on the Backs of Magazines
164. Buddha, Osamu Tezuka
165. Bull Dawson
166. Buscavidas, Alberto Breccia
167. Buying Back Issues From Ads in Comic Books
168. Buying Back Issues On-Line
169. Buz Sawyer, Roy Crane
170. Cable Drinking Coffee for an Entire Page

171. Cadbury
172. Cages, Dave McKean
173. Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson
174. Cap Stubbs and Tippie, Edwina Dumm
175. Capitaine Ecarlate, David B., Emmanuel Guibert
176. Captain America, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon
177. Captain America's Bicentennial Battles, Jack Kirby
178. Captain Easy, Roy Crane
179. Captain Marvel, Otto Binder and C.C. Beck
180. Caricatures in New York Review of Books by David Levine

181. Cartoon Advertisements by Jack Davis
182. Cartoon History of the Universe, Larry Gonick
183. Cartoonist Christmas Cards
184. Cartoons by Art Young
185. Cartoons by Boardman Robinson
186. Cartoons by Charles Barsotti
187. Cartoons by Chon Day
188. Cartoons by Daniel R. Fitzpatrick
189. Cartoons by David Low
190. Cartoons by Dick Locher

191. Cartoons by E. Sims Campbell
192. Cartoons by Edward Koren
193. Cartoons by Gahan Wilson
194. Cartoons by Gardner Rea
195. Cartoons by Garrett Price
196. Cartoons by George Price
197. Cartoons by Herblock
198. Cartoons by J.N. Darling ("Ding")
199. Cartoons by Jack Cole
200. Cartoons by Jack Ziegler

201. Cartoons by James Gillray
202. Cartoons by Jeff MacNelly
203. Cartoons by John Held, Jr.
204. Cartoons by John T. McCutcheon
205. Cartoons by Mort Drucker
206. Cartoons by Oliver Harrington
207. Cartoons by Otto Sogolow
208. Cartoons by Pat Oliphant
209. Cartoons by Paul Conrad
210. Cartoons by Perry Barlow

211. Cartoons by Robert Minor
212. Cartoons by Rollin Kirby
213. Cartoons by Tad Dorgan
214. Cartoons by Tom Toles
215. Cartoons by Virgil Partch (Vip)
216. Cartoons by Wayno
217. Cartoons in Pulse
218. Casanova's Last Stand, Hunt Emerson
219. Caspar Milquetoast, H.T. Webster
220. Cassette Bird

221. Cat, B. Kliban
222. Catch as Catch Can, Greg Cook
223. Cats Don't Exist, Jose I. Solorzano (Jis)
224. Cave Drawings for the Future, Abner Dean
225. Cave~In, Brian Ralph
226. Cecilia Crocodile's Really Really Good Day, Greg Cook
227. Cereal Killings, James Sturm
228. Cerebus: "Palnu Trilogy"
229. Cerebus: Church & State, Dave Sim and Gerhard
230. Cerebus: High Society, Dave Sim

231. Cerebus: Jaka's Story, Dave Sim and Gerhard
232. C'Est La Guerre des Tranchees, Jacques Tardi
233. Chacha Chaudhary, Pran
234. Challengers of the Unknown, Jack Kirby
235. Charles Atlas Ad
236. Chatting with Batton Lash
237. Checkered Demon, S.Clay Wilson
238. Cheech Wizard, Vaughn Bode
239. Childhood, Helena Bocharakova
240. Cirkus New Orleans, Josh Simmons

241. City of Glass, Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli.
242. Climbing Out, Brian Ralph
243. Cola Madnes, Gary Panter
244. Collier's, David Collier
245. Come As You Are, Abner Dean
246. Comic Art Magazine
247. Comics Couples
248. Comics Created by Mentally Ill People
249. Commanche Moon, Jack Jackson
250. Con Reports

251. Conte Demoniaque, Aristophane
252. Coober Skeber
253. Corporate Comic Books
254. Corto Maltese, Hugo Pratt
255. Count Screwloose of Tooloose, Milt Gross
256. Covers by Chris Ware
257. Covers by Fred Guardineer
258. Covers By Gil Kane
259. Cowboy Henk, Kama en Seele
260. Crack Whore

261. Crash: The Quarterly Comic Book Review
262. Crime and Punishment #60, Alex Toth
263. Crime Does Not Pay, Charles Biro
264. Crime Patrol
265. Crime SuspenStories
266. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marv Wolfman and George Perez
267. Cromartie High School
268. Crum Bums, Brian Ralph
269. Crumb Sketchbooks, R. Crumb
270. Curse of the Molemen, Charles Burns

271. Cynical Man, Matt Feazell
272. Cynicism, Paul Ollswang
273. Daddy Cool, Alfredo Alcala
274. Daddy Warbucks
275. Daddy's Girl, Debbie Dreschler
276. Dal Tokyo, Gary Panter
277. Dancin Nekkid With the Angels, Howard Cruse
278. Dans Les Villages: La Jole, Max Cabanes
279. Daredevil, Frank Miller
280. Daredevil: Born Again, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli

281. Das Werk, Frans Masereel
282. David Chelsea in Love, David Chelsea
283. David Levine caricatures David Levine
284. Dead End, Thomas Ott
285. Deep City, Jose Solano Lopez and Carlos Sampayo
286. Den, Richard Corben
287. Dennis the Menace, Hank Ketcham
288. Der Unschuldige Passagier, Martin Tom Dieck
289. Despair, R. Crumb
290. Desperate Desmond, Harry Hershfield

291. Destiny, Otto Nuckel
292. Diablotus, Lewis Trondheim
293. Dick Tracy, Chester Gould
294. Dickie Dare, Milton Caniff
295. Die Hure H, Anke Feuchtenberger
296. Die Stadt, Frans Masereel
297. Dirty Boulevard, Tony Fitzpatrick
298. Dirty Duck, Bobby London
299. Dirty Plotte, Julie Doucet
300. Discovering Someone's Old Comics

301. Doctor Morgue, Hector Oesterheld, Alberto Breccia
302. Don Martin cartoons in MAD
303. Don Martin's Sound Effects
304. Donald Duck, Charles Barks
305. Donjon, Lewis Trondheim et al
306. Doofer, Paul Ollswang
307. Doofus, Rick Altergott
308. Doom Patrol, Grant Morrison, et al
309. Doonesbury Garry Trudeau
310. Doot Doot Garden, Craig Thompson

311. Doug Wright's Family, Doug Wright
312. Down and Out Dawg, James Sturm
313. Down With Skool, Ronald Searle
314. Dr. Fate, Howard Sherman
315. Dr. Slump
316. Dr. Strange, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
317. Dracula, Alberto Breccia
318. Dragonball
319. Drawing Cartoons in Class
320. Drawn and Quarterly

321. Dwarf Attack, Greg Stump
322. Dyaa, Yvan Alagbe
323. Dykes to Watch Out For Alison Bechdel
324. Eagle
325. East Texas, Michael Dougan
326. Ed the Happy Clown, Chester Brown
327. El Borbah, Charles Burns
328. El prolongado sueno del Sr. T., Max
329. Engines, Aunties & Others, Rowland Emett
330. Ernie Pook's Comeek, Lynda Barry

331. Escapo, Paul Pope
332. Ethel and Ernest, Raymond Briggs
333. Evan Dorkin Winning An Award
334. Exit, Thomas Ott
335. Extra!
336. Eye of Mongombo, Doug Gray
337. Eyebeam, Sam Hurt
338. Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Gilbert Shelton
339. Fans Visiting Jack Kirby
340. Fantastic Four #44-63, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

341. Fanzines of the '60s and '70s
342. Far Twittering, Rowland Emett
343. Father and Son Artist Combos
344. Feiffer, Jules Feiffer
345. Felix the Cat, Otto Messmer
346. Filthy!, Ted Jouflas
347. Fireball, Brian Ralph
348. Flame Out Funnies, Willy Murphy
349. Flaming Carrot, Bob Burden
350. Flash Gordon, Alex Raymond

351. Fleep, Jason Shiga
352. Flex Mentallo, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
353. Flood! Eric Drooker
354. Flying Saucer Attack
355. Foodboy, Carol Swain
356. FOOM Magazine
357. For Better or For Worse Lynn Johnston
358. Forty Drawings, Ronald Searle
359. Four Color
360. Fox and Crow, Jim Davis

361. Foxhole
362. Frank Frazetta's Covers for Warren Publishing
363. Frank Robbins' Crazy Women
364. Frank, Jim Woodring
365. Frankenstein, Dick Briefer
366. Frank's Real Paw, Jim Woodring
367. Freaks, Jose Solano Lopez and Jim Woodring
368. Fred the Clown, Roger Langridge
369. Freedom Fries, Steve Brodner
370. Freud for Beginners, Richard Appignanesi and Oscar Zarate

371. Fritz the Cat, Robert Crumb
372. From Hell, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
373. Frontline Combat
374. Funny Stuff
375. Funnybook Roulette, R. Fiore
376. Fuochi, Lorenzo Mattotti
377. Fuzz and Pluck, Ted Stearn
378. Gaining Insight Into Someone's Works by Reading About Them
379. Galopinot, Lewis Trondheim and Matt Konture
380. Garo

381. Gary Groth's Interviews
382. Gasoline Alley, Dick Moores
383. Gasoline Alley, Frank King
384. Gemma Bovery, Posie Simmonds
385. Genius Jones
386. Get Your War On, David Rees
387. Ghost World, Daniel Clowes
388. Gil Kane saying "My Boy"
389. Gil Thorp, Jack Berrill
390. God's Bosom, Jack Jackson

391. God's Man, Lynd Ward
392. Golden Lad, Mort Meskin
393. Gon, Masashi Tanaka
394. Good-bye and Other Stories, Yoshihiro Tatsumi
395. Goodbye, Chunky Rice, Craig Thompson
396. Goodman Beaver, Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder
397. Gordo, Gus Arriola
398. Graffiti Kitchen, Eddie Campbell
399. Grateful Kids Receiving Comics
400. Greetings from Hellville, Thomas Ott

401. Grendel, Matt Wagner
402. Grickle, Graham Annable
403. Griffith Observatory, Bill Griffith
404. Groo the Wanderer, Sergio Aragones
405. Gunfighter
406. Hadashi No Gen, Keiji Nakazawa
407. Hairbreadth Harry, CW Kahles
408. Harlem as Seen by Hirschfeld, Al Hirschfeld
409. Harry Osborn's Hair
410. Hart Fisher's Interview With Rob Liefeld

411. Hate, Peter Bagge
412. He Done Her Wrong, Milt Gross
413. Headline
414. Heartbreak Comics, David Boswell
415. Heavy Metal (late 1970s)
416. Hellboy, Mike Mignola
417. Herbie
418. Hercules Amongst the North Amercans, Mark Marek
419. Heroic Comics
420. Hey Look!, Harvey Kurtzman

421. Hicksville, Dylan Horrocks
422. Hikaru No Go, Hotta Yumi and Obata Takeshi
423. Hollywoodland, Kim Deitch
424. Home Rails Preferred, Rowland Emett
425. Homegrown Funnies, R. Crumb
426. Homeless Hector
427. Horace, Ben Jones
428. Hot Stuff
429. How to Be An Artist, Eddie Campbell
430. Howard the Duck, Steve Gerber

431. Hugo Tate, Nick Abadzis
432. Humbug
433. Hundert Ansichten der Speicherstadt, Martin tom Dieck
434. Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight, James Sturm
435. Hurrah for St. Trinian's, Ronald Searle
436. Hutch Owen's Working Hard, Tom Hart
437. I Am Blind And My Dog Is Dead, S. Gross
438. I Can't Tell You Anything, Souther Salazar
439. I Can't Tell You Anything, Michael Dougan
440. I Never Liked You, Chester Brown

441. Ibis the Invicible, Otto Binder
442. ICAF
443. Ici Meme, Jacques Tardi
444. If, Steve Bell
445. Imbroglio, Lewis Trondheim,
446. Impact
447. Incredible Science-Fiction
448. Insect Fear
449. Iron Wak Jan!, Shinji Saijyo
450. Ironclad, Dan Zettwoch

451. Isaac the Pirate, Christophe Blain
452. It Lives!, Ted May
453. It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken, Seth
454. It's a Long Way to Heaven, Abner Dean
455. Jape, Sean Bieri
456. Jar of Fools, Jason Lutes
457. Jazz Funnies, Hunt Emerson
458. Jeremiads Aimed at Saving Comics
459. Jerry Mack, Howard Cruse
460. Jessica Farm, Josh Simmons

461. Jew of New York, Ben Katchor
462. Jim Ottaviani's Science Comics
463. Jimbo, Gary Panter
464. Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth (2000) Chris Ware
465. Jingle Jangle Tales, George Carlson
466. Jiniku, Kazuichi Hanawa
467. Joe Chiappetta Jumping Over a Campfire
468. Joe Palooka, Ham Fisher
469. Joe's Bar, Jose Munoz, Carlos Sampayo
470. John Romita's Art During a Brief Run on Captain America

471. Journal, Fabrice Neaud
472. Journey, William Messner-Loebs
473. Jughead
474. Jukebox
475. Jules Feiffer Interview, Gary Groth
476. Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer (1996) Ben Katchor
477. Junkie Sidekicks
478. Justice Traps the Guilty
479. Kaktus Valley, Gary Panter
480. Kamandi, Jack Kirby

481. Kampung Boy, Lat
482. Kamui-Den, Sanpei Shirato
483. Kane, Paul Grist
484. Katzenjammer Kids, Rudolph Dirks
485. Kaze no tani no Nausicaa, Hayao Miyazaki
486. Ken Smith's Interview with Pat Boyette
487. Kid Eternity, Sheldon Moldoff and Otto Binder
488. King Aroo, Jack Kent
489. King of Persia, Walt Holcombe
490. King, Ho Che Anderson

491. King-Cat Comics and Stories, John Porcellino
492. Kings in Disguise, Jim Vance
493. Knishkibibble the Monkey Boy
494. Kramer's Ergot
495. Krazy Kat, George Herriman
496. Kultur und Technik, Joost Swarte
497. L'homme qui marche, Jiro Tanigushi
498. La bascule a Charlot, Jacques Tardi
499. La Lectre des Ruies, David B.
500. La Lettre Americaine, Blutch

501. La Mouche, Lewis Trondheim
502. Lady Chatterley's Lover, Hunt Emerson
503. Lady in the Shower, Peter Arno
504. Lambiek
505. Lapin
506. L'Arbre du Penseur, Lorenzo Mattotti
507. Larry's Comic Shop in Chicago on Devon
508. L'Ascension Du Haut Mal, David B
509. L'Autoroute Du Soleil, Baru
510. Le Cheval Sans Tete,

511. Le Chevel Bleme, David B.
512. Le Jeune Albert, Yves Chaland
513. Le journal de mon pere, Jiro Tanigushi
514. Le Petit Cirque, Fred
515. Le Petit Nicolas, Rene Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempe516. Le portrait, Edmond Baudoin
517. Le premier voyage, Edmond Baudoin
518. Le Processus, Marc-Antoine Mathieu
519. Le Spectre Aux Balles D'Or, Jean Giraud, Jean-Michel Charlier
520. Leading Comics

521. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill
522. L'Echo des Savannes
523. Legion Fandom
524. Legion of Substitute Heroes
525. Legion of Super-Pets
526. Leisuretown, Tristan Farnon
527. Leonard & Larry, Tim Barela
528. Les Chercheurs de Tresor, David B.
529. Les Frustres, Claire Bretecher
530. Les Schtroumpfs, Peyo

531. Les Trois Chemins, Lewis Trondheim, Sergio Garcia
532. Leviathan, Peter Blegvad
533. L'Homme Sans Talent, Yoshiharu Tsuge
534. Lieber and Parker Con Reports
535. Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Don Rosa
536. Life in Hell, Matt Groening
537. Life Under Sanctions, Aleksandar Zograf
538. Like a River, Pierre Wazem
539. Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, Daniel Clowes
540. Li'l Abner, Al Capp

541. Little Annie Fanny, Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder
542. Little Archie, Bob Bolling
543. Little Jimmy, Jimmy Swinnerton
544. Little Joe, Edwin Leffingwell
545. Little Lulu, John Stanley, Irv Tripp
546. Little Nemo in Slumberland, Winsor McCay
547. Little Orphan Annie, Harold Gray
548. Local Cartoonists
549. Locas, Jaime Hernandez
550. Lonely Nights Comics, Dori Seda

551. Longshot Comics, Shane Simmons
552. Los Tejanos, Jack Jackson
553. L'oud Silencieux, Martin Tom Dieck
554. Louis Riel
555. Love Looks Left, Tom Hart
556. Love that Bunch, Aline Kominsky-Crumb
557. Low Jinx
558. Luxe, Calme et Volupte, Jean-Jacques Sempe
559. Maakies, Tony Millionaire
560. Maciek and Fiona, Alan Hunt

561. MAD marginals, Sergio Aragones
562. MAD, Harvey Kurtzman, Al Feldstein and the Usual Gang of Idiots
563. Made in U.S., Edmond Baudoin
564. Madman's Drum, Lynd Ward
565. Mage, Matt Wagner
566. Maggots, Brian Chippendale
567. Magic Whistle, Sam Henderson
568. Maison Ikkoku, Rumiko Takahasi
569. Major Grubert, Moebius
570. Major Ozone's Fresh Air Crusade

571. Male Call, Milton Caniff
572. MaMaFuFu, Imiri Sakabashira
573. Manhunter, Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson
574. Mark Evanier on the Cheapness of Comics Fans
575. Mark Gruenwald Putting His Desk on a Platform
576. Marmacock, Dog With Giant Cock
577. Marshall Law, Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill
578. Marvel Boy #2, Bill Everett
579. Marvel Value Stamps
580. Marvelman, Alan Moore and Gerry Leach

581. Marvels, Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross
582. Marx for Beginners, Rius
583. Matt Groening Having His Kids Sign at a Convention
584. Matt Marriott, Tony Weare and James Edgar
585. Maus, Art Spiegelman
586. May Parker
587. Meatcake, Dame Darcy
588. Mein Stundenbuch, Frans Masereel
589. Men, Women and Dogs, James Thurber
590. Metal Hurlant

591. Mickey Mouse, Floyd Gottfredson
592. Miss Terious and Sir Prize
593. Mister A, Steve Ditko
594. Mister Mind
595. Mister Miracle, Jack Kirby
596. Mister O, Lewis Trondheim
597. Mister One and Mister Two
598. Mister Punch, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
599. Mitchum, Blutch
600. Mitsou, Balthous

601. Mjau Mjau, Jason
602. Modern Art, Joost Swarte
603. Moms Who Throw Comics Away
604. Monday Funnies, Paul Lyons
605. Monsieur Fruit, Nicolas de Crecy
606. Monsieur Jean stories, Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian
607. Monster
608. Monster Comics
609. Mort Cinder, Hector Germán Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia
610. Mr. Keeper

611. Mr. Monster, Michael T. Gilbert
612. Muhammad Ali, role model to the insane, Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali.
613. Muno No Hito, Yoshiharu Tsuge
614. Munro, Jules Feiffer
615. Murmur, Jerry Kramsky and Lorenzo Mattotti
616. Mutation, Marc-Antoine Mathieu
617. Mutt and Jeff, Bud Fisher
618. Mutts, Patrick McDonnell
619. My Best Girls, Helen Hokinson
620. My Most Secret Desire, Julie Doucet

621. Nancy, Ernie Bushmiller
622. Naruto
623. National Waste, Leif Goldberg
624. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Hiyao Miyazaki
625. Neal Adams' X-Men Covers
626. Neat Stuff, Peter Bagge
627. Negres Jaunes, Yvan Alagbe
628. Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head, B. Kliban
629. New Bondage Fairies
630. New Comics Day

631. New Gods, Jack Kirby
632. New Hat, Tom Hart
633. New Publishers
634. New World for Nellie, Rowland Emett
635. Nexus, Mike Baron and Steve Rude
636. Ninth Gland, Renee French
637. Nits Make Lice, Jack Jackson
638. Nize Baby, Milt Gross
639. No-Fie, Kurt Wolfgang
640. Non

641. Non, Non, Non, Lewis Trondheim
642. North Fillmore Intelligentsia stories, Spain
643. Northwest Cartoon Cookery
644. Nosotros somos los muertos, Max
645. Not Far from the Jungle, Abner Dean
646. Notes From a Defeatist, Joe Sacco
647. Nowhere, Debbie Dreschler
648. O Escritor, Ana Hatherly
649. Observable, Yirmi Pinkus
650. Oddsville, Jay Stephens

651. Older Cartoonists Truly Touched When They Receive an Award
652. Omac, Jack Kirby
653. Omelette, J.C. Menu
654. One Hundred Views of Mt. Fuji, Katsushika Hokusai
655. One! Hundred! Demons!, Lynda Barry
656. Orchid
657. Ordering Comics Through Ads in Comics
658. Orpheus Myths of the World, Boris Artzybasheff
659. Our Cancer Year, Joyce Brabner, Harvey Pekar, and Frank Stack
660. Palestine, Joe Sacco

661. Palomar, Gilbert Hernandez
662. Panic
663. Panorama of Hell, Hideshi Hino
664. Paper Rodeo
665. PaperRad
666. Particle Dreams #6, Matt Howarth
667. Partie De Chasse, Enki Bilal and Pierre Christin
668. Passionate Journey, Frans Masereel
669. Pastil, Francesca Ghermandi
670. Paul Auster's City of Glass, Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli

671. Paul Has a Summer Job, Michel Rabigliati
672. Paul Pope Calling People as Horse Press
673. Peanuts, Charles Schulz
674. Peep Show, Joe Matt
675. People Asking After Shermy
676. Perramus, Alberto Breccia, Juan Sasturain
677. Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi
678. Peter Arno's Parade, Peter Arno
679. Phoenix, Osamu Tezuka
680. Pickle, Dylan Horrocks

681. Piero, Edmond Baudoin
682. Pilote
683. Piracy
684. Pixy, Max Andersson
685. Plaisir de Myope, Nicolas de Crecy
686. Planetary, Warren Ellis and John Cassady
687. Plano, Joost Swarte
688. Plastic Man, Jack Cole
689. Pogo, Walt Kelly
690. Poignees D'Amour, Willem

691. Political Satire by Thomas Nast
692. Polly and Her Pals, Cliff Sterrett
693. Poor Arnold's Almanac, Arnold Roth
694. Poor Richard, Philip Guston
695. Popeye, Bobby London
696. Preacher, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon
697. Prince Valiant, Hal Foster
698. Professor Lucifer G. Butt's Inventions, Rube Goldberg
699. Prosopopus, Nicolas de Crecy
700. Psychoanalysis

701. Psychonaut, Aleksandar Zograf
702. Pup, Drew Weing
703. Pyongyang, Guy Delisle
704. Quarter Bins
705. Queen of the Black Black, Megan Kelso
706. Queqette Blues, Baru
707. Radio Lucien, Frank Margerin
708. Raggedy Ann and Andy, Johnny Gruelle
709. Rake's Progress, William Hogarth
710. Rake's Progress, Ronald Searle

711. Ranxerox, Tanino Liberatore
712. RAW
713. Reading Comics When You're Sick
714. Reading Comics With Someone in the Same Room
715. Real Stuff, Dennis Eichhorn
716. Redbird, Dan Zettwoch
717. Reid Fleming, David Boswell
718. Remembering Numbers by Old Comics Issue Numbers
719. Rick O'Shay, Stan Lynde
720. Robert Beerbohm's Comic Book Store Wars

721. Robert Crumb Draws the Blues, Robert Crumb
722. Robot Comics, Bob Burden
723. Rolling the Covers Back
724. Romance Comics by Matt Baker
725. Rosetta
726. Rubber Blanket, David Mazzucchelli
727. Rudy, Bill Overgaard
728. Sad Sack, George Baker
729. Saddle Justice
730. Safe Area Gorazde, Joe Sacco

731. Saga of the Swamp Thing, Alan Moore et al
732. Sa-Lo-Mon, Chago Armada
733. San Diego Con
734. Sanctuary, Ryoichi Ikegami and Sho Fumimura
735. Sandman, Neil Gaiman et al
736. Saturday Slow, Rowland Emett
737. Scary, Ted Jouflas
738. Scene of the Crime, Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark
739. Schizo, Ivan Brunetti
740. Scorchy Smith, Noel Sickles

741. Scribbly, Sheldon Mayer
742. Scrooge McDuck, Carl Barks
743. Secret Agent X-9, Alex Raymond
744. Secret Society-type Bad Guys
745. Seeing a Comic Book You Haven't Seen in Years
746. Seeing an Illustration from a Favorite Cartoonist in a Magazine
747. Seeing Dean Haspiel at Conventions
748. Seeing Someone You Know at the Comics Shop
749. Sergio Aragones
750. Sharing Stories About Comics

751. Sherlock Time, Hector Oesterheld, Alberto Breccia
752. Shock SuspenStories
753. Shonen Jump
754. Shopping at Conventions Because You Can't Find Stuff Otherwise
755. Shouldn't You Be Working? Johnny Ryan
756. Shrimpy and Paul, Marc Bell
757. Sick, Sick, Sick, Jules Feiffer
758. Sidings & Suchlike, Rowland Emett
759. Signal to Noise, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
760. Silk Hat Harry's Divorce Suit, Tad Dorgan

761. Silver Surfer's Dialogue
762. Sinner, Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo
763. Skeleton Key, Andi Watson
764. Sketchbook Diaries, James Kochalka
765. Skibber Bee Bye, Ron Rege
766. Skippy, Percy Crosby
767. Skyman, Mart Baily
768. Slaloms, Lewis Trondheim
769. Slime, Eric Reynolds
770. Slutburger, Mary Fleener

771. Small Press Expo
772. Smax, Alan Moore and Zander Cannon
773. Smell of Steve, Brian Sendelbach
774. Snail, Where are You? Tomi Ungerer
775. Snatch, Robert Crumb
776. Soba, Joe Sacco
777. Sock Monkey, Tony Millionaire
778. Sof' Boy, Archer Prewitt
779. Song Without Words, Lynd Ward
780. Space Dog, Hendrik Dorgathen

781. Spacehawk, Basil Wolverton
782. Spank, Brian Sendelbach
783. Speed Carter, Joe Maneely and Al Kida
784. Speedy, Warren Craghead
785. Spinner Racks
786. Spirou
787. Sports Cartoons, Willard Mullin
788. Spy Vs. Spy, Antonio Prohias
789. Squeak the Mouse, Mattioli
790. St. Swithin's Day, Grant Morrison and Paul Grist

791. Starman, Jack Burnley
792. Steve Canyon, Milton Caniff
793. Steve Ditko's Essays
794. Steven, Doug Allen
795. Stickboy, Dennis Worden
796. Stigmate, Lorenzo Mattotti, Claudio Piersanti
797. Stories About Image Comics
798. Stormwatch, Warren Ellis and Various
799. Story Minute, Carol Lay
800. Strange World of Your Dreams

801. Strapazin
802. Stripesy
803. Stuck Rubber Baby, Howard Cruse
804. Studygroup12
805. Substitute Life, John Pham
806. Suburban Heights, Gluyas Williams
807. Suckle, Dave Cooper
808. Sudor Sudaca, Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo
809. Sugar and Spike, Sheldon Mayer
810. Sunnymoon, Tu Es Malade, Blutch

811. Superhero Christmas Stories
812. Superman #149, Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan
813. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane
814. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
815. Supermonster, Kevin Huizenga
816. Sur la Route Encore, Baru
817. Swordsman, the Carny Superhero818. Tales from the Crypt
819. Tales of Asgard, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee
820. Tales of the Beanworld, Larry Marder

821. Tales of the Bizarro World
822. Tales of Toad, Bill Griffith
823. Tall Billy, Fat Billy, Hill Billy
824. Tall Tales, Al Jaffee
825. Tango With Death, Ulf K.
826. Tantalizing Stories
827. Tantrum, Jules Feiffer
828. Tarzan, Burne Hogarth829. Tarzan, Harold Foster
830. Tarzan, Jesse Marsh

831. Tarzan, Russ Manning
832. Tawky Tawny
833. Temptation, Glenn Dakin
834. Tepid, John Hankiewicz
835. Teratoid Heights, Mat Brinkman
836. Terrains vagues, Edmond Baudoin
837. Terry and the Pirates, Milton Caniff
838. That Time in the 1990s When All the Art Comics Sounded Like Porno
839. THB, Paul Pope
840. The Abundance of Japanese Comics Shops

841. The Addams Family Cartoons, Charles Addams
842. The Adjustment of Sidney Deepscorn, Barron Storey
843. The Ambassador, Otto Soglow
844. The Angry Criminal, Tom Hart
845. The Art of Living, Saul Steinberg
846. The Asshole, Gary Panter
847. The Bachelor, Nell Brinkley
848. The Black Knight, Stan Lee and Joe Maneely
849. The Bojeffries Saga, Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse
850. The Book of Jim, Jim Woodring

851. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Kim Deitch and Simon Deitch
852. The Bungle Family, George Tuthill
853. The Bus, Paul Kirchner
854. The Cage, Martin Vaughn-James
855. The Cartoon History of the Universe, Larry Gonick
856. The comic about Jim Henson's Death That Ran in the Back of Cerebus
857. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
858. The Cowboy Wally Show, Kyle Baker
859. The Crusaders, Jack T. Chick
860. The Curse Of St. Trinian's, Ronald Searle

861. The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller
862. The Demon, Jack Kirby
863. The Education of Desire, Cliff Harper
864. The Eltingville Club, Evan Dorkin
865. The Eternals, Jack Kirby
866. The Face, Mart Baily
867. The Fall, Ed Brubaker and Jason Lutes
868. The Far Side, Gary Larson
869. The Fixer, Joe Sacco
870. The Flames of Gyro

871. The Forever People, Jack Kirby
872. The Freddie Stories, Lynda Barry
873. The Fun House, Lynda Barry
874. The Gil Kane Nostril Shot
875. The Golem's Mighty Swing, James Sturm
876. The Gospel According to Matthew, Chester Brown
877. The Grasshopper and the Ant, Harvey Kurtzman
878. The Gumps, Sidney Smith
879. The Handala Cartoons, Naji Al-Ali
880. The Idiots Abroad, Gilbert Shelton and Paul Mavrides

881. The Imp, Dan Raeburn
882. The Inspector, Saul Steinberg
883. The James Kochalka Superstar Minis
884. The Joker
885. The Journal Comic, Drew Weing
886. The Jungle Book, Harvey Kurtzman
887. The Jungle, Peter Kuper
888. The Kinder-Kids, Lyonel Feininger
889. The King Canute Crowd, Eddie Campbell
890. The Labyrinth, Saul Steinberg

891. The Land of Nod, Jay Stephens
892. The Last Lonely Saturday, Jordan Crane
893. The Letters Page in Lois Lane Comic Books
894. The Little King, Otto Soglow
895. The Lonely Ones, William Steig
896. The Mad Thinker's Robot
897. The Marsupilami
898. The Melodrama of Claremont/Byrne X-Men
899. The Mighty Thor, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee
900. The Musicians, Jean-Jacques Sempe

901. The Mystery of Wolverine Woobait, Joe Coleman
902. The Nebbishes, Herb Gardner
903. The New Adventures of Jesus, Frank Stack
904. The Nimrod, Lewis Trondheim
905. The One, Rick Veitch
906. The Pain, Tim Kreider
907. The Passport, Saul Steinberg
908. The Pie-face Prince of Old Pretzleburg, George Carlson
909. The Pirates and the Mouse, Bob Levin
910. The Playboy, Chester Brown

911. The Promise of European Comics Shops
912. The Replacement God, Zander Cannon
913. The Revival, James Sturm
914. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Hunt Emerson
915. The Ringo Kid, Joe Maneely and Al Kida
916. The Romance of Late 1960s Spider-Man
917. The Salon, Nick Bertozzi
918. The Scum Also Rises!, Skip Williamson
919. The Secret of San Saba, Jack Jackson
920. The Shadow, Michael Kaluta

921. The Shortcut, Jordan Crane
922. The Silent Three, Posy Simmonds
923. The Smythes, Rea Irvin
924. The Snowman, Raymond Briggs
925. The Softball Game at SPX
926. The Spirit, Will Eisner
927. The St. Trinian's Story, Ronald Searle
928. The Sun, Frans Masereel
929. The Terror Of St Trinian's, Ronald Searle
930. The Various Odd Places One Used to Be Able to Buy Comic Books

931. The Writings of Dr. Michael Vassallo, Atlas Comics Expert
932. Themed Supervillain Teams
933. There Are Ladies Present, Helen Hokinson
934. Thickets, Warren Craghead
935. Thimble Theatre, Elzie Segar
936. Three and The Moon, Boris Artzybasheff
937. Three Piece Suit, Eddie Campbell
938. Thriller, Robert Loren Fleming and Trevor Von Eeden
939. Thrilling Adventures, Bob Burden
940. Tim Tyler's Luck, Lyman Young

941. Timberdoodle, John Kerschbaum
942. Tintin, Herge
943. Tiny Footprints and Other Drawings, B. Kliban
944. Tom of Finland Jokes
945. Tom the Dancing Bug
946. Tomie, Junji Ito
947. Top Ten, Alan Moore and Gene Ha
948. Torpedo, Jodi Bernet
949. Town Boy, Lat
950. Transmetropolitan, Warren Ellis and Darrick Robertson

951. Trashman, Spain
952. Treasury of Victorian Murder, Rick Geary
953. Trots and Bonnie, Shari Flenniken
954. Two-Fisted Tales
955. Tyrant, Steve Bissette
956. Uncle Charlie's Fables
957. Uncle Scrooge, Carl Barks
958. Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud
959. Underworld, Kaz
960. Up All Night, P. Revess

961. Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai
962. Uzumaki, Junji Ito
963. V for Vendetta, Alan Moore and David Lloyd
964. Valor
965. Villa of the Mysteries, Mack White
966. Violent Cases, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
967. Wake Me When It's Over, Abner Dean
968. Wash Tubbs, Roy Crane
969. Watching Neil Gaiman Connect With an Audience
970. Watchmen, Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons

971. Waterwise, Joel Orff
972. Way Out Strips, Carol Swain
973. Weasel, Dave Cooper
974. Weird Science-Fantasy
975. Weirdo
976. Wendel, Howard Cruse
977. Whack Your Porcupine, B. Kliban
978. What Am I Doing Here? Abner Dean
979. When the Wind Blows, Raymond Briggs
980. When Were You Built? Helen Hokinson

981. When Your Retailer Remembers Your Name
982. Why I Hate Saturn, Kyle Baker
983. Wildcat
984. WildCATS 2.0, Joe Casey et al
985. William Gaines' Comics Code Testimony
986. Willie and Joe, Bill Mauldin
987. Wimpy
988. Witzend
989. Wonder Tot
990. World War III Illustrated

991. WRAB: Pirate Television, Matt Howarth
992. Xeric Foundation
993. Yikes!, Steven Weissman
994. Young Witches 2, F. Solano Lopez
995. Z Comme Zorglub, Franquin
996. Zap Comics
997. Zil Zelub, Guido Buzzelli
998. Zippy the Pinhead, Bill Griffith
999. Zonker Harris
1000. Zot!, Scott McCloud

It's nice to be reminded sometimes, isn't it?

My thanks to the bloggers who went before me and the people who provided me lists to double-check against my memory.