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Five For Friday #24—Convention Special: Friendly Faces
posted April 8, 2005

Name Five Friendly and Accomodating Comics Pros to Meet

Batton Lash
Jeff Smith
Roger Langridge
Sergio Aragones
Walt Simonson


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Benjamin Bayliss
Columbus, Ohio

William Messner Loebs (Flash)
Jeff Smith (Bone)
Dr. Jay Hosler (Clan Apis)
Sean McKeever (Gravity)
Roger Stern (Superman)


Steve Block

Eddie Campbell
Will Simpson
Duncan Fegredo
Nick Abadzis
And as number five, I have to put Archie Goodwin, if that's acceptable, because he truly was the dogs bollocks.


Russ Maheras

Don Rosa
Michael Wm Kaluta
Russ Heath
Paul Levitz
John Jackson Miller

Unfortunately, you can't meet the pros listed below anymore, but based on my personal experiences, I think all deserve special mention:

Alan "Jim" Hanley (deceased)
Wally Wood (deceased)
Will Eisner (deceased)


James Smith

Jason Little
Neil Kleid
Jessica Abel
Frank Cho
Steve Conley


James Krstulovich

Evan Dorkin
Patrick McDonnell
Craig Thompson
Geoff Darrow