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Five For Friday #25—Jordan Raphael Special: Quarter-Bin Finds
posted April 15, 2005

Name Five Comics You've Found At a Significant Discount

1. Neil the Horse (entire A-V series), 10-cent room at Captain Blue Hen in Lancaster PA
2. Peter Arno's Parade, garage sale in Indiana
3. Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy (entire series), half-price sale at Zanadu Comics in Seattle
4. Henry Holt Doonesbury books, for a dime at bi-annual sales at Silver City Public Library in New Mexico
5. Conan #10-12, cover price from my second cousin's discarded collection in a house on Lake Wawasee

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Daniel Holloway

1. Jules Feiffer, "Hold Me!" Goodwill in Tallahassee.
2. "Doonesbury" collection of Yale cartoons, garage sale in Brandon, Fla.
3. "Penny Century" #1, buy-one-get-two-free bin at short-lived comics shop in Tallahassee Mall
4. "Dark Knight Returns" single issues (reprints), Merlin's Books, Tampa
5. Sam Keith "Hulk vs. Wolverine" series, Free Comics Day bin at Cosmic Cat Comics, Tallahassee


Jordan Raphael

1. Eightball #1, dime bin at Superheroes and Something or Other (now defunct), Montreal
2. Essential Spider-Man vols. 1-3, San Diego Comicon 2002
3. Old Peanuts collections, mother in law's bookshelf, Claremont, Calif.
4. Dr. Strange #1 (1970s), complex trade with my childhood buddy Alex
5. "Alter Ego," various issues, $1 bin at San Diego Comicon 2002


Christopher Cilla

I like this one! I'm a penny pincher & try to avoid paying full price for anything, so good deals are often fond memories in my sad world. I narrowed down the best deals list to these five:

1. Two copies of Trump #1 in very good condition, $2.50 each at Adult Expectations in Tucson AZ 1997
2. Signed numbered Goodman Beaver hardcover, $10 in some dude's cheap bin, San Diego Comicon 1993
3. Mad #26 found in trash I was throwing into compactor at my job in Seattle, 1999
4. Feds & Heads #1 & Zap #0, one dollar apiece, at Atalanta books in Bisbee AZ, 1985
5. about a dozen issues of 15 cent cover price Classics Illustrateds & Dell war comics, fifty cents each at unnamed swap meet south of Tucson city limits, 1996


Jeff Lester

I know this is pretty late in the game, but I always wanted to contribute to one of your five for friday lists, and this one's probably my best shot since I love a good deal. At least two of these deals came from the not entirely successful efforts by publishers to break into bookstores back in the late '80s, early '90s; hopefully the days of such deals are gone... or maybe I'll be running around buying thick volumes of manga reprints for a buck each in 2007. Who knows?

1. Love & Rockets Book 1 (Hardcover), $1.00. I bought this at a garage sale where, from what I could tell, a disgruntled houseboy was selling off price possessions of his vacationing dominatrices. Yes, I live in San Francisco.
2. Enigma Trade Paperback, $.25, Tower Outlet. They had something like fifteen copies. I bought ten and gave them to friends.
3. Complete Popeye, Vols. Five through Eleven (the dailies), approx. $9 apiece, used book store. Not an extraordinary deal unless, like me, you think they're worth their weight in gold.
4. Complete Frank Miller Batman (Leatherbound), $8.00, B.Dalton, Los Angeles.
5. 1941 Movie Adaptation, $1.50, Atlanta, Georgia. Found this early collaboration by Bissette and Veitch about two years ago and it's a million time more hilarious, manic and disturbing than the film it adapts. Pretty great. Wish I'd had the stones to buy several copies to give to friends.


Brad Curran

1. Miracleman vol. 2 trade paperback: Cover price at the local comic shop. Considering how much these books were going for on E-Bay at one time, I thought this was a pretty damn good deal. It's the only trade I've ever kept in a bag and board. I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I hold that as a special distinction.
2. GI Joe vol. 1 no. 21: .01 on E-Bay. It was probably this cheap because it had two phone numbers written on the covers. This was my first exposure to wordless comics.
3. Jim Steranko Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD trade paperback: $5 on E-Bay. It showed me where Hama got his idea for that silent issue.
4. The Spirit Color Album: $4 on E-Bay. A treasure for someone who wants to read a nice smattering of this material without selling organs.
5. The Amazing Screw-On Head: $1 on guess... A bargain at any price. A bizarre, hilarious, gorgeous bargain that will soon be a cartoon series, at that.