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Marjane Satrapi On-Line
posted April 24, 2005


The following is some of the on-line material available on Marjane Satrapi, the cartoonist behind the popular and award-winning Persepolis volumes and the newly-released and bound to be heavily covered Embroideries. This page is intended for fellow journalists and otherwise interested people and will be updated as much as I can manage to do so. I welcome any and all .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) additional links and corrections.

Please note that the categories can be a rough guess sometimes. In this case, since there's so much bleed between the books in articles and reviews about Persepolis, those pieces are listed without distinction but with dates included whenever possible to indicate likely focus.

Bios and Profiles
Boston Globe (10-04)
Chris Kutschera (04-02) Page
French Wikipedia Entry Entry
Pantheon' s Author Page
Pantheon's Publicity Photo
Random House of Canada Satrapi Page
Salon Profile
Satrapi Web Page En Francais
The Independent (09-04)

Arte Radio (En Francais)
Bookslut (10-04)
NPR (06-03)
Seattle P-I (05-03)
Telegraph (12-04)

About Persepolis
2001 Alph-Art Awards Listings including Persepolis
2002 Alph-Art Awards Listings including Persepolis 2
Cover Art for Persepolis
Cover Art for Persepolis II
Discussion Thread at Barbelith's Persepolis 2 Page
Part of Group Review in Boston Phoenix (09-04)
Pantheon's Book Page, including Samples
Review at
Review at
Review at (03-04)
Review at Ultrazine
Review at Watermark Books
Review at What Books
Review by Andrew Arnold for Time.comix (05-03)
Review by Cris Skokna for Baltimore City Paper (06/04)
Review by Douglas Wolk in Slate (07-04)
Review by Greg McElhatton for
Review by Kelly Su DeConnick for
Review by Luc Sante in the New York Times (08-04)
Review by Rob Cave for Ninth Art (08-03)
Review by Sandip Roy in SF Chronicle (08-04)
Review by Sarah Tan for Popmatters (04-03)
Review in Asian Review of Books (08-04)
Review in Boston Phoenix (04-05)
Review in Die Zeit (04-04)
Review in DivaTribe (2003)
Review in Entertainment Weekly
Review in Green Man Review
Review in L'Express (10-01)
Review in Onion AV Club (09-04)
Review in St. Louis Post-Dispatch (09-04)
Review in The Economist (10-04)
Review in The Guardian (11-04)
Review in The Hindu (10-04)
Review in The Iranian (09-03)
Review in The New York Review of Books (04-05)
Review in USA Today (06-03)
Review in Village Voice (05-03)
Reviews in L'Oreille of Volume One, Volume Two
Satrapi On Writing Persepolis
The Complete Review's Persepolis Page, Including Review and Links
The Complete Review's Persepolis 2 page, Including Review and Links

About Embroideries
Book Clubs Profile
CCC Sales Sheet
Cover Art
Knitting Blog Preview
Pantheon Catalog Entry
Part of Group Review at
Random House Catalog Entry
Review at Badlands
Review/Interview at
Review by Alan David Doane at Comic Book Galaxy
Review by Andrew Arnold at Time.comix
Review by Grovel
Review by Jessa Crispin at Globe and Mail
Review by Watermark Books
Review in Orlando Sentinel
Review in The Regulator
Review in Village Voice
Review In Words Without Borders

A Museum Page?
Editorial by Satrapi Over Hijab Ban (12-03)
Gordon McAlpin's Cartoon Report From Signing
Text Report from Satrapi Signing