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Another Way I Depress Myself Into Staying Up Even Though It’s 2:00 AM
posted May 23, 2008

It occurs to me that another place where a rise in gas prices might have a deleterious impact on the comics industry is in purchases at the store. Not just in that people will buy gas before comics, which is certainly true, but in the cost of getting to the comics shop. One of the outcomes of the Marvel-led pooping on the Direct Market in the 1990s was reduced shop coverage in a lot of regions. I know that around here, where they were once served by a local comics shop and one down the road a bit, some fans now drive one or two hours to use a shop in Las Cruces. I can't imagine that drive is as much fun when it costs three times as much as it did five years ago. If I were one of those people and gas increases to $7 or $8 per gallon, I would certainly be making fewer trips.