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Five For Friday #32—Filth
posted June 3, 2005

Recommend Five Porno Comics

1. New Bondage Fairies
2. Spank
3. Box
4. Young Witches 2
5. Diary of a Dominatrix

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Alan David Doane

Dirty Stories Vol. 1-3
Small Favors
R. Crumb's "Joe Blow"
Fucklesuckle Funnies


Rob Schamberger

1. Compleat Cannon
2. Black Kiss
3. Lost Girls
4. That Jodorowsky/Manara novella that just ran in Heavy Metal about the Pope
5. Gullivera


Benjamin Bayliss

Ironwood by Bill Willingham
Bitch in Heat
XXXenophile by Phil Foglio
Spunky Knight XXX
Horny Biker Slut


Rob Vollmar

1. I Want To Be Your Dog - Ho Che Anderson
2. Pink - Wilfed Santiago
3. Horny Tails - Richard Moore
4. True Porn - various
5. Ripple - Dave Cooper


Johanna Draper Carlson

1. That Kind of Girl
2. Tecopa Jane
3. Diary of a Dominatrix
Three very different takes on sexual encounters from the incredibly talented Molly Kiely.
4. Xxxenophile
Yes, sex can be funny, as Phil Foglio demonstrates. (If you read all these varied stories at once, you'll notice an over-emphasis on anal sex that might not be to everyone's tastes, so use some self-control.)
5. Small Favors
Fun and playful, by Colleen Coover. Truly lives up to its subtitle of "a girly porno comic".


Eric Reynolds

1. Hump Crazy #s 1-2
2. Busy Girls
3. Tart
4. Felch #1
5. Box #1-?