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Five For Friday #33—Hazy Memories
posted June 10, 2005

Name Five Storylines or Subplots You Remember From Reading Comics as a Kid That You Never Learned Where They Came From and/or How They Resolved, or You Forgot

1. Superman Vs. Superman-Made-of-Sand
2. Nightcrawler can make himself look like Errol Flynn?
3. Kang is Doctor Doom, maybe?
4. Falcon: Snap Wilson or Sam Wilson, Mutant or Non-Mutant?
5. Dr. Strange killed all the Marvel vampires?

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Sean T. Collins

1. Spawn fought a cybernetically enhanced gorilla?
2. Batman healed his broken spine through ninja training of some sort?
3. Was there ever a Spider-Man villain called the Wall or was that just on The Electric Company?
4. Cable died while fighting Stryfe but now he's obviously back?
5. Some kind of singing oranges in Friends of the Maxx?


Andrew Mansell

1. Did Sundra Peale ever give birth?
2. Is Badger still married to Mavis Davis MD?
3. Did Nightcrawler's girlfriend lose her powers when Dr. Strange destroyed her mother’s power?
4. Did Steve Canyon and Summer ever get back together?
5. Does Bouncing Boy have the BEST sex life in comics? (I’m not trying to be a weirdo, but having a partner that can split into two sounds pretty great to me)


Benjamin Bayliss

Luke in Marvel's Star Wars, how did he get away with killing that purple woman?
How many times has Charles Xavier's back/legs been broken and/or healed? (as a sidebar question, What insurance company would insure him after the second time?)
Supreme Squadron, specifically Nighthawk, friend or foe??
How did Quicksilver and Scarlet witch go from having The Whizzer as their dad to having Magneto as their dad?
Animal Man's powers: How did he get them?


Rob Schamberger

1. Mutant Massacre. I've only got the one where Sabretooth kicked Wolverine's ass. No idea what it was really about. Didn't Thor kill a bunch of the Morlocks or something?
2. The Brood ship that crash-landed in some field and took over the local population, but that was it, I think. Maybe Claremont will finally explore that in New New X-Men.
3. Did Superman really cause the moon to crash into the Earth in the Legion of Superheroes?
4. Inferno's stalker from the latter part of the pre-Zero Hour Legionnaires, never resolved.
5. Whoever was controlling B.I.O.N. after the Earth blew up was never revealed, thanks to Zero Hour.

Yes, Legion fans, we're the biggest geeks in the whole damned universe.


Chris Keels

(I know it's no longer Friday... sorry)

1. The first comic book I ever bought was a Charlton issue of Hanna Barbera's Speed Buggy. I remember a story where they fought a white haired mad-scientist who rigged up some sort of electronic harness that allowed him to throw lightning bolts around. I thought it was cool when I was four.

2. There was an issue of a Charlton hod-rodder comic called "World of Wheels" that was in the bathroom of my Grandparents house every time I visited for years, that I never bothered to read. But the cover blurb read "Ken King vs. the Mongol Horde" Now, I'm kinda curious as to how that played out...

3. A Spider-Man Annual -- since I remember where I was when I bought it, it would have to be the 1977 one -- featured a team of spider-related villains called the "Spider Squad." Movie sets and special effects were involved. I actually re-bought this one in college to relive my childhood and couldn't remember it five minutes after I read it. Bill Mantlo wrote it.

4. Not strictly a comic book, but one day I will watch the movie "Orca" with Richard Harris and Charlotte Rampling that was advertised to death on the back cover of Marvel Comics in 1977. And I expect to be disappointed...

5. Did Bob Burden ever finish the "Flooby Carrot" story after it was derailed by that interminable Ninja Turtles crossover?

If Spawn actually featured a cybernetic gorilla, I hereby take back everything bad I ever said about Todd McFarlane...


Jeff Whose Last Name I Don't Remember

Another great Five for Fridays! (The anthology one is good too, but takes too much brainpower on my part.) So if it's not too late:

1. Darkseid's grand plan involves Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's kid?
2. Isn't there another Summers brother floating around somewhere?
3. Peter Parker's parents--undercover agents?
4. I think I read a Lois Lane comic where Darkseid turned Superman's head into a giant eyeball. This image still disturbs me intensely.
5. Did Barry Windsor Smith complete (or promise to complete) that Young Gods thing, or was somebody blowing smoke up my ass about that?


T Campbell

1. So what happened to Captain Carrot's world, anyway? Before the Crisis it was an alternate Earth, after the Crisis, an alternate dimension. Gerrymandering? Did they just sleep through the whole thing?
2. Didn't Tycho and Gabe die in Penny Arcade?
3. So is J'onn J'onzz vulnerable to flame or just really, really phobic? And if it's the latter, how come other Martians are, too?
4. What about that one with the Fantastic Four where it looks like they all got killed?
5. How was it that Maxwell Lord was a put-upon guy giving himself ulcers trying to make his team more powerful (all of Giffen-Dematteis), yet also an evil mastermind trying to make his team less powerful for no plausible reason (Infinite Crisis)?