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Five For Friday #36—You Just Don’t Understand
posted July 1, 2005

From Christopher Duffy: Name five cartoonists whose work you admire who you don't think enough people know about or appreciate.

1. Leunig
2. Ed Subisky
3. Ted May
4. M. K. Brown
5. Mark Martin

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Tom Spurgeon

1. Rowland Emett
2. Paul Ollswang
3. Imiri Sakabashira
4. Keith McCulloch
5. Abner Dean


Alan David Doane

1. Kevin Huizenga
2. Drew Weing
3. Jason Marcy
4. Rick Smith
5. Jim Rugg


Jeet Heer

1. David Collier
2. Mark Beyer
3. Carol Tyler
4. Spain
5. Terry LaBan


Dan Nadel

1. C.W. Kahles
2. Greg Irons
3. Harry Lucey
4. Matthew Thurber
5. Stan Mac Govern


Benjamin Bayliss

Jay Hosler (Clan Apis, The Sandwalk Adventures)
Jeff Smith (yeah I know he's a "big name" but I don't think he's appreciated NEARLY enough)
Jef Mallett (Frazz)
Michael Fry and T Lewis (Over the Hedge)
Matt Feazell (Cynicalman)


Rob Schamberger

1. Todd McFarlane
2. Rob Liefeld
3. Marc Silvestri
4. Joe Madursupercalifragilisticexpealidocious
5. J Scott Campbell

Man, I wish people knew about these guys. They desrve a hell of a lot more recognition.

[Editor's Note: ALLLLLENNN!!!!]


Dave Knott

Rebecca Dart
Fabio Viscogliosi
Miriam Katin
Enrico Casarosa
David Lasky


Steve Block

E.H. Shepherd. He's so much more than Pooh.
Dudley Dexter Watkins
Steven Appleby
Angus McGill
J. Millar Watt


Rob Schamberger

In all seriousness, my reason for a satirical response on this was more that I've got so many friends that I could list right off the bat. I help organize a loose group of Kansas City area cartoonists (, for those interested), that's just overflowing with creativity and very little recognition. And I don't really think that KC is the only place like that. I think there's pockets of cartoonists all over the world, the Next Wave of talent, who every time they create, there's the possibility that their project could be the one that puts them on the radar. It happened with my buddies like Josh (Skyscrapers of the Midwest) Cotter, Hector (Lurkers) Casanova, and Dave (colors on Battle Hymn) Bryant.

So, if I were to make a serious list, I'd say:

1. Daniel Spottswood
2. Parrish Baker
3. Shawn Geabhart
4. Chris Garrett
5. A tie between Cotter and Casanova. They're both getting good exposure, but definitely deserving of more.


Rob Clough

1. Mary Fleener
2. Richard Hahn
3. Dash Shaw
4. Michael Kupperman
5. John Kerschbaum


Dan Boyd

1. Sam Hiti
2. Vittorio Giardino
3. Christophe Blaine
4. Vincent Stall
5. Brian Ralph


Kurt Busiek

1. Jerry Grandenetti
2. Frank Robbins
3. Bill Draut
4. Randy Reynaldo
5. Bill Overgard


Fred Hembeck

1.Al Wiseman
2.Harry Lucey
3.Johnny Craig
4.Pete Morisi
5.Mike Parobeck


T Campbell

Maritza Campos
David Willis
Shaenon Garrity
Brooke McEldowney
Greg Evans


Sean T. Collins

1. Hans Rickheit (I've never heard anyone who isn't me talk about this fellow)
2. Phoebe Gloeckner (her work still doesn't get nearly the amount of attention
it deserves)
3. Kevin Huizenga (Or Else #2 is a major, major achievement, and it contains work that was actually done YEARS ago, which makes me sad that I wasn't hip to it then)
4. Makoto Yukimura (Planetes was way beyond "honorable mention" status for the best of 2004; I'm worried it's in this weird no-man's-land where neither artcomix fans nor otaku are giving it enough of a look)
5. This is specific to a particular project, but Frank Miller on The Dark Knight Strikes Again (in a few years this will come to be regarded the way the first Stooges record was in 1977)

I'd include the Partyka crew (Sean Cheng, Sara Edward-Corbett, Sean McCarthy, Matt Wiegle), but since I've collaborated with a couple of them I don't want to give the appearance of playing favorites.