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My Articles at (1999-2001)
posted December 31, 2001

From 1999 to 2001 I wrote several pieces for the web magazine under the name 40th Street Black. I had the benefit of a gifted editor, Tim Cavanaugh, and I just sort of generally remember it as a really good freelance gig. I think all of the writers were more talented than I was, most by a considerable margin, so it was a lucky break for me to write that regularly in such good company. went under in I think summer 2001. I believe it had a pretty decent readership because 1) they paid well and 2) I was once on a bus with the cartoonist Greg Stump going to see a screening of the first X-Men movie and I mentioned an article I had just written for them and the guy sitting next to Greg said, "I read that article; it was good." Greg found this highly amusing.

"Tomorrow's Superwriters Today" and "Unshakeable" are both comics-related.

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