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Five For Friday #47—Draft Choices
posted September 16, 2005

Name Five People You Would Draft Into Making Comics -- No Cartoonists Who Have Worked as Such Since 1985

1. David Gates
2. Tom Stoppard
3. Rebecca Gilman
4. Tony Fitzpatrick
5. Terry Gilliam

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Jeet Heer

1. John Updike
2. Guy Davenport (alas he just died).
3. Margaret Atwood (who has done comics for The Brick magazine).
4. George Lukacs (he's gotta do a tribute to Kirby and Al Williamson).
5. Quentin Tarantino (a Krazy Kat fan, no?)


Jeffrey Meyer

-David Gates (I don't know which David Gates you meant, but if it was the man who sang "If" and "Baby I'm-A Want you," then I second that vote)
-Charles Bragg
-Werner Herzog
-Any good modern architect
-Joe Matt


J. Colussy Estes

Normally I'm a watcher on these 5ff things, but following the link to the Huizenga cover/book led me to Kelly Link's small press imprint, and my first thought was "damn, what a fine writer she is. I wonder if she's ever thought about writing for comics?"

1. Kelly Link
2. Tom DeHaven (If Hicksville existed, I would go just to read the Derby Dougan strip. That "sample" from "Depression Funnies" tantalized the hell out of me), and what's worse, when I finally bought a copy of the book on remainder, the edition I purchased doesn't have the strip...)
3. DJ Dangermouse, or maybe Negativland: so much of comics (four-color, art, or otherwise) nowadays seems to be retreading old ideas. What if some folks who're really good at making pop detritus exciting got their hands on comics?
4. David Lynch
5. Howard Finster, or maybe RA Miller (then again, maybe they already do).

What about Jonathan Lethem and Michael Chabon? Dashiell Hammett, Faulkner and Updike? Oh yeah, the've done comics...


Joe Gross

1. Pynchon.
2. Bruce Sterling
3. Iain M. Banks
4. Erik Davis
5. Peter B. Gillis (this one’s a bit of a cheat, as he’s been out since about ’89, but man, could we use his story-sense now.)


Benjamin Bayliss

1. Henry Rollins on Luke Cage ongoing
2. Martin Sheen and John McCain - consulting on or cowriting Ex Machina
3. Jimmy Johnson, former Cowboy's head coach on a remake of Marvel's NFL Superpro
4. Michael Waltrip, NASCAR driver on any humor book
5. George Herbert Walker Bush (Dubbya's dad) on Global Frequency


Rob Schamberger

1. Dennis LeHane
2. Umberto Eco
3. Ralph McQuarrie
4. Pablo Ferro
5. Saul Bass


Bill Beechler MD

Nick Hornby
Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls creator)
Gary Gianni (he's done a small bit, Corpus Monstrum...not nearly enough)
Jerry Seinfeld
Zack Braff


K. Thor Jensen

George Saunders
Temple Grandin
Edward Tufte
Brian Eno


Graeme McMillan

1. Aimee Bender
2. Julian House
3. Lavinia Greenlaw
4. Pete Fowler
5. Bill Drummond


Warren Craghead

This is the best one yet...

1. Jockum Nordstrom
2. John Ashbery
3. Amy Sillman
4. Nick Cave
5. Paul Krugman


Rob Clough

1. Bootsy Collins
2. Aaron Sorkin
3. Kurt Vonnegut
4. JK Rowling
5. Gloria Steinem


Bryant Paul Johnson

1: Martin Schongauer
2: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
3: Mark Twain
4: Herman Melville
5: P.G. Wodehouse


Evan Dorkin

1. Joe Frank
2. Seonna Hong
3. Chris Rock
4. Gerald B. Gregg
5. Charlie Kaufman


Peter MacDonald

David Foster Wallace
Jim Jarmusch
Bob Odenkirk
Christopher Guest
James Ellroy


Ed Cunard

1. Thom Jones
2. Jean-Michel Basquiat
3. Tobias Wolff
4. Glen David Gold
5. Sarah Vowell

Ok, six: Damon Runyon.


Sean T. Collins

Clive Barker
Stanley Kubrick
Roxy Music circa "Pyjamarama"
Roxy Music circa Avalon