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Five For Friday #52—Meta
posted October 21, 2005

Suggest Five As-Yet Unused Topics For Five For Friday Year 2 (Or There Likely Won't Be a Year 2)

1. Snapshot III
2. Name Five Female Cartoonists, But Don't Use an Answer Anyone Else Has Given
3. Name Five Enjoyable Pieces of Junk Related to Comics
4. Name Your Five Favorite Comic Books Ads
5. Name Five Gags You've Seen Repeated in Comics

Thanks to all those who submitted!

Eric Reynolds

1. Name five genuinely good hacks
2. Name five absurdly stupid superhero (or villain) costumes
3. Name five smells that connote comics
4. Name your five favorite living cartoonists
5. Name five good comics-related websites

Alt.: Name five cartoonists you'd like Tom to interview


Matthew Craig

1. Five Times A Comic (or related product/issue) Made You So Mad You Thought You Might Actually Have To Smack Somebody In The Mouth, But Instead You Went For A Cup Of Tea And A Biccie, But It Didn't Help.
2. Five Television Coat Tails That Comics Ought To Ride But Doesn't.
3. Five Unfilmable Comics (Jimmy Corrigan is so not unfilmable, by the way, so don't bother suggesting it).
4. Lost In Translation: Five Comics That Need To Be Translated Into English Toot-De-Cocking-Sweet.
5. Lost In Translation 2: Five Unexpectedly Dated References That Comics Could Well Do Without.


Peter MacDonald

Name five comic book-movie dream projects (with directors).
Name five daily strips that you would happily purchase in monthly pamphlet form.
Name five best strip collections.
Name five dream writer-artist collaborations that haven't happened yet.
Name five favorite comic book quotations.


Christopher Duffy

1. Name five terms you'd prefer over "graphic novel"
2. Sid and Marty Krofft's Comics and Stories: Name 5 Sid and Marty Krofft shows and the talent you'd assign to each comic adaptation of said show.
3. Five gimmick anthology ideas that you honestly and selflessly give to the world!
4. Five words you learned from comics.
5. Five comics you hated as a kid (and how you feel about them now).


Rob Schamberger

1. Name five over-used lines of dialogue (my number one would be "Did he just say 'justice'?" "No, 'just us'."
2. Suggest Five As-Yet Unused Topics For Five For Friday Year 3 (Or There Likely Won't Be a Year 3)
3. Name Five Creators Who Have Made Their Career From Aping Another Creator's Style
4. Name the Five Most Comix-Friendly Newspapers
5. Name Five Out of Print Stories That You Wish Would Be Back In Print


Marc Sobel

1) 5 books you own but have never read.
2) 5 titles from your youth you would like to go back and re-read.
3) 5 "classics" you've never read, or started but never finished.
4) 5 most eagerly anticipated projects in 2006.
5) 5 titles that you would buy if you had unlimited time and money.


Gary Esposito

1. Name Five Least Favorite Comic Book/Strip Artists
2. Name Five Favorite Writer/Artist Combos
3. Name Five Favorite Stan Lee-isms
4. Name Five Favorite Comic Convention Moments
5. Name Five Watershed Independent Comics


Sean T. Collins

1) Name five cartoonists you just don't get
2) Name five great comics catchphrases
3) Name five great single issues
4) Name five great colorists
5) Name five comics and the cartoonists you'd like to see do a "cover version" of them (eg. the way Paul Pope redid the first Jack Kirby OMAC story in his issue of "Solo")


Chris Mautner

1) Name five comics that scared you so bad you couldn't sleep that night
2) Quote your five favorite lines of comic book dialogue, completely out of context
3) Name five great outfits worn by comic book characters
4) Name five best pieces of comics criticism that didn't appear in TCJ
5) Name five comics you're ashamed to admit you own.


Dean Milburn

1. Name for favorite past Five for Fridays.
2. Name your five favorite menu items from TGI Friday's
3. Show your five all time favorite panels
4. Five comics clearly ripped of from other media without attribution
5. Five best examples of comics swallowing its own tail


Richard Marcej

Five Favorite 60's memories:

* Five favorite Batman Death traps (comic or TV show)
* Five favorite (pre-FF) Marvel Monster names
* Five favorite overly dramatic Marvel story titles (like "Lo there...")
* Five favorite fantasy based sitcoms
* Five favorite Marvel or DC alliterated character name


James Smith

1. Name 5 Comics You've Loaned Out That Haven't Been Returned
2. Name 5 Comics (Stories or Series) Named After Songs
3. Name 5 Alternatives to the Word "Comics" Proposed in the Last 20 Years
4. Name 5 Things You've Foregone in Order to Buy Comics
5. Name 5 Comics Debates That Need to be Ended Immediately