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Five For Friday #53—Trick Or Treat
posted October 28, 2005

Name Five Comics-Related Halloween Costumes You've Either Used or Would Consider Using Someday

1. Richie Rich (used)
2. The Kingpin (used)
3. Bob's Big Boy (used)
4. One of the Beagle Brothers (used)
5. Hot Stuff (someday)

[Thanks to Evan Dorkin]

This poll is closed. Thanks for participating; your responses below.

Dave Knott

Superman / Clark Kent (used)
- C'mon, who hasn't done this one?
Bizarro (used)
Dr. Sivana (used)
Buddy Bradley (used)
- This is the ubiquitous "no costume"
Jack of Hearts (someday)
- When I can spare several months to make it!


Christopher Duffy

1. Jack Cole's Midnight--used
2. big, crazy Harvey Kurtzman character freakout face--used
3. Commissioner Gordan--used (I was accompanying a 4-year old Batman)
4. Sparky Watts--would wear it
5. Wimpy--would wear it


Michael Grabowski

1. Spider-Man (used)
2. Batman (used)
3. Cheech Wizard (someday)
4. Charlie Brown or Jimmy Corrigan (someday)
5. Comic Book Guy (someday)

Thanks to my gracious Mom for #1 and 2. She spent a few hours trying to get the webbing right with a magic marker.


Craig Fischer

Nancy (used)
Rorschach (used)
The Goozlebobber (someday)
Miss Lace (hopefully never)
Brother Power, the Geek (no costume necessary)


Peter MacDonald

Spiderman (used)
Luke Skywalker (used)
Darth Vader (used)
The Spirit (someday)
V (someday)


Tim Hensley

1. Charlie Brown (used, bald cap with marker squiggle)
2. Archie (used, barber cut grids in orange hair)
3. The Flash (used, dyed longjohns and painted boots, hideous)
4. The Gong, a Batman villain I found listed in the Fleisher encyclopedia, I xeroxed the description and attached it to a sandwich board bell outfit. Still have no idea what the character really looks like.
5. Family Circus “Not Me.�


Gary Esposito

1. Spider-Man (used)
2. Batman (used)
3. Superman (used)
4. The Spirit (used -- my favorite)
5. Rat Fink (used)

The first three were under the age of twelve, the last two in my twenties and thirties. Go figure.


Fred Hembeck

1. Superman (used)
2. Green Lantern (used)
3. Golden Age Flash (used; latter two costumes perfuntory attempts built around a pair of Graffitti t-shirts)
4. Wonder Woman ( a passing thought that never was acted upon, happily)
5. Fred Hembeck (someday; people have suggested this rather obvious choice a number of times over the years, but I knew I'd have to ruin a perfectly good pair of white pants by putting knee squiggles on 'em, and well, there goes my wardrobe, so forget it...)


Jeffrey Meyer