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Five For Friday #56—Link-a-Rama
posted November 18, 2005

Name Five Comics-Related Web Sites You Use and Their URLs
(bonus: include one at #5 you think not enough people know about)

2. Jog the Blog
3.'s Comiclopedia
5. (Mike Sterling also recently outed this one)

(Thanks to Eric Reynolds)

This Topic is Closed. Thanks to Everyone For Participating.

Russ Maheras

The Comics Journal
Comics Buyer's Guide Extra
News From ME (Mark Evanier)
The Comics Reporter (You)
Monster Blog! (Pre-superhero Marvel Monster comics)


Peter MacDonald
Dave's Long Box
The Bullpen
Riches to Rags: The Messner-Loebs Blog
Ted Scrawl


Charles Hatfield

(Bill Kartalopoulos's art-first comics blog and link-list)
2. ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies
(academic e-journal and announcement list, edited by Dr. Don Ault)
3. The Lambiek Comiclopedia
(an online encyclopedia of comics creators)
4. Image [&] Narrative
(academic journal in visual narrative, including comics)
(the Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies, maintained by Gene Kannenberg, Jr.)


Ed Cunard

1. Read Yourself Raw: A webzine I rarely see linked anywhere else, but the content always seems fresh when it updates.
2. Comic Foundry: While I don't want to make comics, a lot of people do, and this makes for good reading for those looking for advice or discussion with comics creators about their craft.
3. Precocious Curmudgeon: David Welsh writes about manga in a way that makes the uninitiated (or, at least, me) want to read about it and read more of it.
4. Size Matters: A blog focused primarily on minicomics, which are often underserved in online comics discussion.
5. Glyphs: The Language of the Black Comics Community: Another blog with a strong focus, this time on black comics creators, characters and fans.


Fred Hembeck

These are just a few of the comics blogs I like to check in on regularly. There are many more--sorry to leave anyone out -- but these five all share a nice usage of graphics, a unapolgetic love of minutia, and a pleasantly askew sense of humor...

Progressive Ruin
Dial B For Blog
The Comic Treadmill
BookSteve's Library
Lady, That's My Skull


Alan David Doane

1. -- Chris Butcher is the voice and future of comics retailing.
2. -- I'm anxious to see when Tyrant will return, and always enjoy Bissette's comments and reminiscences about the industry. Or anything, really.
3. -- I don't think this has even begun to have its full impact on the industry, but I think it will do some good things in 2006.
4. -- Mike Sterling is one of the nicest and best bloggers around.
5. -- Good columns and reviews going up almost every day under the day to day guidance of Chrises Hunter and Allen.


K. Thor Jensen

the Savage Critic(s)
Scans Daily
See Below
Chris Butcher
Portal of Evil
Bad Comics Archive


Rob Schamberger

1. Dave's Longbox
2. Newsarama
3. Comic Book Resources
4. Silver Bullet Comic Books
5. The Engine


Warren Craghead

1. Size Matters
2. usscatastrophe
3. Printed Matter
4. Drawn!
5. blotcomics by Andrei Molotiu


Joe Rybandt
(now that Graeme is doping reviews/news there)


Ralf Haring

For reference stuff:
For finding stuff out:
For talking about stuff:
The Engine
For buying stuff:


Gary Esposito

great site for old comics, magazines and radio shows