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Five For Friday #57—What I Really Want For Christmas
posted November 25, 2005

Name Five Comic Strips or Comic Books That Need to Be Collected and Back in Print

1. Thimble Theatre
2. Little Orphan Annie
3. Barnaby
4. Mutt and Jeff
5. The Little King

This subject is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Abraham Lincoln

1. Ditko's work on Blue Beetle and the Question
2. Kurtzman and Elder's Goodman Beaver (and at original size to boot please. That Kitchen sink volume really suffers from the disjointed enlagred panel presentation.)
3.The complete Basil Wolverton
4.Morrison and Quintley's Flex Mentallo
5.The Family Circus really deserves a more comprehensive collection as well.


Matthew Wanderski

Here's my list, not necessarily this order (at least today's version):

1) Jingle Jangle Tales/The Pie-faced Prince of Pretzelberg
2) Dick Briefer's Frankenstein
3) Neil the Horse
4) Little Nemo 1924-1926, ala the Evergreen/Taschen 1905-1914 tome from 2000.
5) Scribbly & The Red Tornado


Christopher Duffy

1. King Aroo
2. Minute Movies
3. Dick Briefer's Frankenstein comics
4. Milt Gross's newspaper strip and comic book work
5. Sheldon Mayer's pre-Sugar and Spike work


Fred Hembeck

1. Dennis The Menace by Fred Toole and Al Wiseman (the comic books, I mean)
2. Mary Perkins On Stage by Leonard Starr
3. Thirteen by John Stanley and Bill Williams
4. every single five page fantasy story produced by the team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko back between 1959 and 1963
5. Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane comics circa 1957-1964 (DC has begun reprinting Mort Weisinger era stories in Archive format, but those Superman stories are mundane compared to the imaginative insanity found in these delightfully demented spin-off books)


Dave Knott

Since this is a "wish" list, I'm limiting it to stuff that I don't already own.

* E.C. Segar - Popeye
* Roy Crane - Wash Tubbs & Capt. Easy
* Wrighton, Kaluta, Jones, and Smith - The Studio
* Raw Magazine (especially v.1 #4-8)
* Most Kurtzman non-E.C. work (but especially Help, Trump, and Humbug)


Bradford Mackay

1) Little Orphan Annie
2) Little Orphan Annie
3) Barnaby
4) Nancy
5) Little Orphan Annie


Christopher Cilla

I'd agree with your choices for strips that need to be back in print, preferably in the new trend style, complete & with plenty of miscellania. Here's my picks:

1. Pogo
2. Wash Tubbs & Capt Easy
3. Polly & her Pals
4. Count Screwloose; what we really need is the complete Milt Gross
5. Gordo


Michael Grabowski

1. Big Numbers 1-12 (let's just start with the miracle)
2. Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse daily & Sunday serials at their original size & formatting (color optional)
3. Chester Brown's Gospels of Matthew & Mark
4. Journey
5. American Flagg! 1-12


Christopher Mautner

1) Dick Tracy, Dick Tracy, for the love of god, DICK TRACY!
2) The Bungle Family
3) Moon Mullins
4) I'll second that vote for Barnaby
5) Toonerville Trolley! Please, please please someone collect Toonerville Trolley!


Alan David Doane

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Here's my list of comics and strips
I want back in print...

1. E-Man -- The original Charlton series by Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton
holds up unbelievably well, and works on multiple levels as social
satire, exciting superhero comics, and great entry-level kids
entertainment. The art is some of the best ever done for corporate
superhero comics, brilliantly walking the line between the dramatic
needs of the plot and the cartoon exaggeration that is such a part of
the characters.

2. The Compleat James Kochalka -- Here's a notable artcomix stalwart
whose contributed to, what, dozens of antyhologies, one-offs and
assorted weird bits and pieces? Since he seems to have maintained
creator ownership of most or all of them, I'd love to see them all
collected in one big volume.

3. The Outer Space Spirit -- My favourite Spirit story, and one of the
most beautiful works Wallace Wood ever drew. It demands to be in print
in a standalone volume.

4. B. Krigstein Comics Vol. 2 -- Whatever remains uncollected from the
earlier Greg Sadowski biography and the subsequent volume of comics
stories -- no comics artist ever innovated more, and all his stuff
belongs in print.

5. Reggie 12 -- I realize the death of Highwater delayed this, but in
a better world this would be a monthly digest for kids and regularly
collected in lush TPBs to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.


Andrew Mansell

1. Prince Valiant (Cullen Murphy/John Cullen Murphy)
2. Gordo
3. King Aroo
4. The Bungle Family
5. All of Jimmy Hatlo!!!!!!


Jeffrey Meyer

1. LITTLE KING by Otto Soglow
2. WHITE BOY (and anything else, really) by Garrett Price
3. A "COMPLETE" collection of work by T. S. Sullivant
4. A collection of Doug Wildey's work -- comics, illos, etc.


Mark Spedding

Blazing Combat (with more from the Warren archives to follow)
Zenith by Morrison and Yeowell from 2000 AD, all in one volume
"Ditko: The Complete Charlton Archives 1954-1985"
The Lone Groover (weekly music satire strip from NME, 70s/80s)