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Five For Friday #62—Cover Songs
posted February 3, 2006

Name Five Comics and the Cartoonists You'd Like to See "Cover" Them

1. The Calculus Affair covered by Johnny Ryan
2. From Hell covered by Lorenzo Mattotti
3. Kamandi #9 covered by Henriette Valium
4. Thor Vs. Hercules issue of Thor covered by Roy Crane
5. The Walking Man covered by Jack Kirby

thanks to Sean T. Collins

This category is now closed. Thanks to everyone that participated!

Dan Morris

Amazing Spider-Man #33 "The Final Chapter" covered by Kevin Huizenga
"The Glory Boat" issue of New Gods covered by Gary Panter
Chris Ware's "I, Guess" covered by John Porcellino
Watchmen covered by Steve Ditko
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind covered by R. Crumb


Wesley Osam

1. Thimble Theater covered by Tony Millionaire.
2. A Frank story covered by Winsor McCay. (Added bonus: we wouldn't have to put up with his unreadable lettering.)
3. The "Cartilage Head" sequence from Achewood covered by Jim Woodring.
4. Infinite Crisis covered by Bob Burden.
5. Bone covered by Milt Caniff.


Joe Gross

1. Watchmen by Bruce Timm
2. Metabarons by Frank Herbert and Curt Swan
3. Ambush Bug by Alex Ross
4. Kingdom Come by Shadow-era Kyle Baker
5. Crisis on Infinite Earths by John Porcellino


Chris Keels

Robert Crumb on Gasoline Alley
Jim Woodring on New Gods... let's say, the "Bug" issue
Al Columbia on the "Last Day" sequence of Cerebus
Frank Robbins on Sin City
Early '60s Steve Ditko on Dick Tracy


James Langdell

1. Watchmen covered by Roz Chast
2. Jim Woodring's Frank covered by Lorenzo Mattotti
3. Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits covered by Joe Matt
4. Milk & Cheese covered by Charles Burns
5. Mutts covered by George Herriman


Michael J. Grabowski

Reads by R. Crumb (turning the text parts into comics) and Jack Kirby (the fight scene)
Latter Days by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell
Amy Racecar by Chester Gould
Doonesbury by Harold Gray
Locas by Charles M. Schulz


Sean T. Collins

1. Clive Barker's Tapping the Vein by Junji Ito
2. Amazing Spider-Man #33 ("The Final Chapter!") by John Porcellino
3. The wraparound cover to Crisis on Infinite Earths by Paper Rodeo
4. New Gods #6 ("The Glory Boat!") by Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving
5. Black Hole by Frank Quitely


Chris Duffy

The Monster of Dread End by John Stanley and art by ? (GHOST STORIES#1, Dell Comics) -- covered by Jerome Gaynor
Christmas for Shacktown by Carl Barks -- covered by Tony Millionaire
Meatball by R. Crumb -- covered by Alex Ross
The Super Moby Dick of Space by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte -- covered by Charise Harper
Mary Marvel Meets the Beehive People by Jack Binder (I think) -- covered by Colleen Coover


Ralf Haring

Dilbert by Alex Ross
Swamp Thing by Richard Corben
The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo by Alan Moore
Usagi Yojimbo by Goseki Kojima
Thor or Dr. Strange by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell


Dan Coyle

1. The Transformers covered by Gilbert Hernandez
2. Black Widow covered by Takao Saito
3. The Masterplan covered by David Mazzucchelli
4. Sin City covered by Steve Ditko
5. Lupin III covered by Seth


Fred Hembeck

1. The Master Planner saga in Amazing Spider-Man--y'know, the one that ends with our hero trapped, about to be drowned by incoming waters, as all the while, his Aunt May lies dying?--I'd like to see that one redone (including dialog and layouts) by the erstwhile Little Lulu team of John Stanley and Irving Tripp.

2. Crisis on Earth Two and it's sequel--the first meeting between the Justice League and the Justice Society--drawn by Jim Aparo, who I'd always thought possessed the uncanny ability to draw ANY costumed super-hero character absolutely perfectly, and it was a disappointment to the fan-boy lurking in me that he never had a shot at the assembled JLA, much less one those annual teamings with the group's forebearers (...and if it isn't asking too much, can we get Steve Englehart to rewrite the dialog? Thanks...)

3. Love and Rockets by Dan DeCarlo and Al Wiseman. Assign the Archie legend to Jaime's stories, the Dennis the Menace ghost to Gilbert's. Maybe I could do Mario's?...

4. Steve Ditko, EC Comics regular! Horror, Crime, AND Science Fiction! And I'm talking fifties Ditko here--he woulda fit like a glove!

5. The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel drawn by C. C. Beck, which is, of course, just plain silly--but still and all, wouldn't have looked half bad, I'm thinking!...


Matthew Craig

1. Amazing Fantasy #15: "Spider-Man!" by Becky Cloonan
2. Rocket Raccoon by Tony Millionaire
3. Cowboy Bebop by Steve Dillon
4. Preacher by the late John Buscema
5. Groo the Wanderer by Rob Liefeld


Peter MacDonald

Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 by Chris Ware
Fantastic Four Annual #6 by Sam Henderson
Watchmen by Daniel Clowes
Bone by Jaime Hernandez
Understanding Comics by Dave Sim


K. Thor Jensen

All Manga Edition.

Uzumaki by Steve Ditko
Crayon Shin-Chan by Johnny Ryan
Planetes by Jack Kirby
Naruto by Mat Brinkman
Calvin & Hobbes by Osamu Tezuka


Jeff Lester

In no particular order:

(1) That first Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man story covered by Charles Burns;
(2) Any classic Gould Dick Tracy story covered by Gilbert Hernandez;
(3) Infinite Crisis #4 covered by Lewis Trondhiem;
(4) Any of Tezuka's Black Jack stories covered by Jack Kirby;
(5) Any issue of Betty & Veronica covered by Milo Manara.

And I'm grateful to live in a world where Paul Pope covering OMAC #1 is readily available!


Gary Esposito

Name Five Comics and the Cartoonists You'd Like to See "Cover" Them:

1. Reid Fleming by E.C. Segar
2. Sandman (Neil Gaiman's) by Gene Colan
3. It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken by Charles Schulz
4. Conan the Barbarian by Scott Pilgrim
5. Dick Tracy by Herge


Mark Spedding

These are all a bit mainstream geeky, and all about art but not story. Sorry for lowering the tone of the place.

Watchmen 5 covered by Steve Ditko c. 1966
All Jerry Grandenetti stories in House of Mystery and House of Secrets covered by Alex Toth
Avengers 97 covered by Neal Adams
Saga of the Swamp Thing 25-31 covered by Bernie Wrightson
Kirby/Colletta Thor covered by Kirby/Everett