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Five For Friday #63—Appreciate
posted February 10, 2006

Name Five Under-Appreciated Comic Strips

1. Franklin Fibbs
2. Mutts (Sundays)
3. Rudy
4. The Nebbishes
5. Gil Thorp

This category is now closed. Thanks to all that participated!

Christopher Duffy

1. Louie
2. Conchy
3. Peanuts' last 10 years
4. Naughty Pete
5. BC's first 10 years


Evan Dorkin

The Little King
Story Minute
Beyond Mars
King Aroo


James Langdell

1. The Berry's
(a family strip I enjoyed enough as a child that, when it was dropped from the local paper, I sent my first letter to an editor)

2. Rex Morgan, M.D.
(it came back in my view about 15 years ago, and I've been amazed at how much of consequence has actually happened with the main characters, and how far story-specific characters go beyond stereotypes)

3. Guindon
(wonderful panel cartoons; hope more of his work comes into view after his retirement from the Detroit Free-Press)

4. Pre-psychedelic Odd-Bodkins
(before the most famous years, it was already a knock-down funny gag strip)

5. The Cloggies
(an English cult comic even non-Morris Dancers can enjoy)


Chris Mautner

King Aroo
The Bungle Family
Baby Blues
Toonerville Trolley


Andrew Mansell

1. Johnny Hazard by Frank Robbins
2. Doonesbury -- There should be a major retrospective/critique/over-view of this comic!!! It seems like the comic press ignores it unless a paper is dropping it in protest.
3. Wash Tubbs by Leslie Turner
4. King Aroo by Jack Kent
5. Grin and Bear it


Gary Esposito

1. One Big Happy
2. Get Fuzzy
3. Curtis
4. Pooch Cafe
5. Heathcliff (Sundays)