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NHS 1987 + 25 Reunion: October 6, 2012
posted June 1, 1987


This is a page for those of you in the Muncie Northside Class of 1987 that are averse to using Facebook, or maybe came here first.

Our Facebook events page is here, if you want to go there now.

If not, here's what Missy (Reece) Adkison posted about the weekend itself.
So here's the deal folks... if you can make it Friday, Oct 5, we'll be at Vere Mae's at 6pm. If you can make it Saturday, Oct 6, we'll be at Center Stage at 6pm. If you can't make those times, we are gathering Saturday, Oct 6 at Pizza King on Tillotson from 11-1. Thanks to those that have responded!! I am counting people for Saturday 6pm only at this point since that is when we have to order appitizers. I'll be taking donations with no obligations at any time through the weekend.

Go Titans!! Looking forward to a great reunion!!
You can click .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to send her an e-mail or click .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to send me an e-mail to let us know if you're coming to any of that or not.

We hope to have a good, sprawling, fun, low-key weekend with a lot of laughs. We'd love to have you at anything you could attend; we'd love to hear how you're doing. Please pass this information along to anyone you can think of.

All the best,

Tom Spurgeon

PS -- If you're thinking about coming into town and needed a place to stay, I'm staying over at the hotel in the BSU student center, which is easily google-able. My dad used to stay there a lot when he left Muncie for a few years after retiring, and I figure any place with a Starbuck's in the basement can't be all bad.

PSS -- Here are a couple more dumb banners I made when I couldn't sleep one night because I'm excited about seeing everyone.