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Five For Friday #66—‘Fess Up
posted March 3, 2006

Name Five Comics You're Hesitant to Admit You Own

1. Piles of Nondescript Richie Rich comics
2. Tip O'Neil's Tip Sheet
3. Girls
4. Various Garfield Collections
5. Marvel Age Spider-Man Vols. 1-2

This category is now closed. Thanks to all that participated.

Benjamin Bayliss

1. various 1986 Marvel comics during the month of the special "Faces" cover, specifically Transformers 22... Bad, bad, bad.
2. the recent Lebron James Powerade giveaway. They got a 12 year old to draw it?
3. Grips #1 from Silverwolf Comics. Just cuz it had early, early, early Tim Vigil art. He's come a LONG way. (I did only pay $.25 for it, thank
4. IT!: The Terror From Beyond Space from Millenium Comics Just cuz it had a Tony Harris cover. (Another $.25 buy)
5. Ultraverse Origins from Malibu. I was so into the "new" superhero universe....


Aaron Ragan-Fore

1. A nearly complete library of DC's mid-90’s Bloodlines crossover
2. A nearly complete library of Spire's Archie Christian comics
3. Several issues of Sovereign Seven
4. Several issues of The Dreaming
5. Loeb's Supergirl, complete


Daniel Holloway

* Infinite Crisis #1–5 (The first superhero book I've bought on a month-to-month basis since around issue
#40 of Starman. God help me)
* The Life Story of the Flash (I was, at one time, genuinely excited about this. Why?)
* Second issue of Bagge and Beto's Yeah! (anyone smarter than me quit after the first issue)
* Alan Moore's Writiing for Comics (not actually a comic, but the sentiment that led to its purchase brings me deep shame).
* LaPerdida (I got it for free, and I still feel embarassed having it in my home. It's like reading the bloodless product of a fiction workshop — and I'm a fan of fiction workshops).


Christopher Duffy

1. Every Avengers comic Jim Shooter wrote.
2. A binder of Raggedy Ann and Andy Comics from the Dell anthology series in the 40s.
3. Lots of Peter Porker comics.
4. A Muppets comic strip collection.
5. A big painted Alex Ross picture book starring the original Captain Marvel.

The only one I'm TRULY ashamed of is #5. The others are embarrassing, but I can rise to their defense.


Cris Skokna

1. A complete collection CAT & MOUSE from, I think, Caliber.
2. One of those giant-size "inspirational" Alex Ross books. The one with Superman.
3. I quit John Byrne later than I should have, so many completely awful issues of WEST COAST AVENGERS, NAMOR, NEW GODS, and WONDER WOMAN.
4. CUSP.
5. OMAHA THE CAT. Lots of 'em.


Jim Kingman

Hesitant, but not ashamed!

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (DC) -- a museum piece, for sure
The Wanderers (DC) -- and there's 13 issues to wander through!
The Bugaloos #1-4 (Charlton) -- Sparky's The Bug
Any issue of Action Comics with that Popeye rip-off, Captain Strong or something like that (nice Swan/Anderson art on some of them, though)
The complete run of DC's Bloodlines saga (1993), including the two issue climax, 'Bloodbath'

Did I win?


Andrew Mansell

1. Essential Defenders Volume 1
2. Marvel: The Little Mermaid
3. The Thing in Project Pegasus
4. Focus on John Byrne
5. DC/Marvel Cross-over classics


Chris Mautner

1. Couple of Jack Chick tracts
2. Karate Girl #1 and 3 (really awful Eros Comic)
3. Stella's Night Out (another really awful stroke book, this time European)
4. 300 by Frank Miller
5. I think I have a Ziggy collection somewhere on my shelf, but I may have tossed it recently. If so, then my ongoing issues of Infinite Crisis will fill the bill nicely.


Gary Esposito

1. Spidey Super Stories
2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
3. Assorted Harvey Comics (Hot Stuff, Wendy, Richie Rich, etc.)
4. Pokemon Parody Comics
5. Various Low Print Run BW Horror Comics

The last two entries, I did the design and production for. They were so bad, I can't even remember the titles of my comp copies.

Thanks to ebay, I cleared out a lot of embarrassing stuff I accumulated over the years. Of course, this is all subjective...