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Five For Friday #10: Op-Ed
posted December 31, 2004

Recommend Five Editorial Cartoon Collections

At Least Our Bombs Are Getting Smarter by Tom Toles
Ban This Book! by Pat Oliphant
Dark Laughter: The Satiric Art of Oliver Harrington by Oliver Harrington
Freedom Fries by Steve Brodner
Herblock's State of the Union by Herbert Block

Other Lists and Responses

Alan David Doane
Upstate New York

1. Anything by Tom Tomorrow
2. The Bush Junta
3. Freedom Fries
4. Attitude edited by Ted Rall
5. Attitude Vol. 2 edited by Ted Rall


Milo George
Executive Director, The John Westmoreland Foundation for the Elimination of Endemic Treponematosis

Five excellent editorial books you can almost always find in good used bookstores:

Up Front, Bill Mauldin. I prefer this Willy & Joe collection to the recent Bill Mauldin's Army edition. Front's wartime-vintage biography/commentary ground the strips in a context I find tremendously useful.

The Explainers, Jules Feiffer. Any Feiffer strip collection is worth picking up, but this one's literally been in the last three bookstores I've visited. The first edition has a great cover "logo" too; if I had any gumption, I'd start a band named The Explainers just use it in flyers.

Tom the Dancing Bug, Ruben Bolling. His graphics are weak, even by today's lowered standards for editorial cartoons, but Bolling is the funniest editorial cartoonist working in alt-weeklies. His post 9/11 work has been superb.

The Art and Politics of Thomas Nast. Enlightened times and mores in which the work was created aside: The only thing more intimidating than Nast's bracing expressions of ethical outrage is his surgically precise crosshatching.

Herblock on All Fronts, or whatever the one with all his Nixon/Watergate cartoons in it is called. I love how Herblock drew Nixon's five-o'clock shadow.