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Five For Friday—Surface Attraction
posted March 9, 2006

Name Five Covers You Love


1. Amazing Spider-Man #55
2. Weirdo #8
3. Kamandi #23
4. Yummy Fur #18
5. MAD #5

This category is now closed.

Charles Hatfield

1. OMAC #1 by Jack Kirby
2. That EIGHTBALL cover by Dan Clowes that depicts "The Psychopathology of Nostalgia."
3. Variations on a series: Jaime Hernandez "police lineup" covers: L&R No. 1, L&R Book One, L&R Vol. 2 No. 1. Take the last as the current fave.
4. Any of Chester Brown's eerie covers for UNDERWATER, but especially #7.
5. A Jim Woodring tie: Jim Vol. 2 No. 4 (Frank rides a bizarre cube-headed critter) OR Jim Vol. 2 No. 5 (horrible revelation from a clamshell, featuring Frank and the grinning, crescent-headed blue demon)


Peter Macdonald

Cerebus #40
Love and Rockets #42
Uncanny X-Men #141
Giant-Size Spider-Man #3
Fantastic Four #240


Christopher Duffy

1. X-Men #111 (Banshee as circus barker, the X-Men are all circus freaks depicted on posters)
2. Neat Stuff #2 ("I'm so happy...cuz I'm so stupid!")
3. Howard the Duck #2 ("Space Turnip!")
4. Ghost Manor #50 (evil teddy bear at the window!)
5. Mad #1


Sean T. Collins

I was a little surprised to discover just which covers have stuck in my head:

1. The Dark Knight Returns #1 by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, and Lynn Varley
2. Black Hole #11 by Charles Burns
3. Kramers Ergot 4 by Mat Brinkman
4. The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3 by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley
5. Black Hole (hardcover) by Charles Burns

And #6 probably would be Teratoid Heights by Mat Brinkman. I guess I like what I like.


Dan Morris

For those that wish to look at the covers I've included links to each cover

1. Love and Rockets #24
2. Uncanny X-Men #142
3. Amazing Spider-Man #33
4. Doom Patrol #57
5. Yummy Fur #16


Johnny Bacardi

Five comic book covers I love? OK:

The Spectre #8 (1968) by Nick Cardy
Bat Lash #2, also by Cardy
Sub-Mariner #57, not by Nick Cardy, but by Bill Everett
Swing With Scooter #11 by Joe Orlando
Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6 by Steranko

I can name more...!


Christopher Keels

Fantastic Four #46 ("Those Who Would Destroy Us!")
American Flagg #12 ("The Revolution WILL Be Televised!")
Nexus #27 (Norman Rockwell homage: "Nexus and Dave visit the Library of Alexandria")
Love and Rockets #20 (the entire Hoppers and Palomar casts get down!)
Time Warp #1 (uh... I just like it, OK?)


Jim Kingman

1. Green Lantern/Green Arrow #89
2. Detective Comics #443
3. Justice League of America #103
4. Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #24
5. Flex Mentallo #1


Michael J. Grabowski

Action Comics #1
Weird Science-Fantasy #29
Love & Rockets #1
High Society
just about any Eddie Campbell cover


Douglas Noble

1 2000AD #823
2 The Invisibles vol2 #13
3 Bacchus #47
4 Marc Hempel’s Naked Brain #1
5 Lois Lane #106


Matthew Craig

1. Amazing Spider-Man 151 - John Romita, sr.

2. Promethea 19 - J.H. Williams III (for Van Gogh)
It's hard to pick just one Promethea cover, but this one makes me feel oddly refreshed.

3. The Dark Knight Strikes Again 3 - Frank Miller and Lynn Varley
Look at it. Look at the vulgarity of it. Fantastic.

4. The Losers 6 - Jock
Again, it's hard to pick just one of these. Jock's one of the best cover artists in comics. I've chosen this one because of the dynamism of the shot.

5. Peter Parker (vol.2) 29 - Kaare Andrews
Andrews is another artist unafraid of his own versatility. His content-specific Hulk covers were a thing of beauty; his Doctor Octopus novel (with Zeb Wells) a piece of dark, chilling magic. I have this issue signed by story artist Charlie Adlard, but the purity of that cover is enough to warm my cockles all by itself.

(get'cher mind outta the gutter, Spurgeon!)


Fred Hembeck

1. Amazing Spider-Man #25 by Steve Ditko ("Captured By J.J.J.!")
2. Fantastic Four #29 by Jack Kirby and Chic Stone ("It Started On Yancy Street!")
3. Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 by Jim Steranko ("Omigosh, Here Comes That Nasty Hell-hound!", or somethin' like that...)
4. Strange Adventures #207 by Neal Adams (Deadman surrounded by the disembodied heads of the DC staff)
5. Detective Comics #328 by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson ("Castle With Wall-To-Wall Danger!")


Andrew Mansell

1. Groo (with the Fly on his nose) #?
2. The Killing Joke (it is STILL appalling!)
3. DC 100 Page Spectacular (the Neal Adams JLA/JSA wrap-around)
4. Master of Kung Fu #118 (Gene Day lives!)
5. Nexus #50 (the dude!)


Steve Block

1 Deadface: Earth, Water, Air, Fire #4
A suitable gag cover.
2 2000AD prog 590
Another gag cover, probably not original but good enough for me.
3 Justice League Antarctica
I can't help but smile when I think of this issue, possibly the perfect summation of the Giffen-DeMatteis-Maguire Justice League.
4 Animal Man #5
Bolland's work on this series was always excellent. This cover captures the issue pretty damn well.
5 Daredevil #241
My first US comic.


Gary Esposito

1. The Incredible Hulk #189
2. The Amazing Spider-Man #151
3. Moon Knight #29
(or almost any cover by Bill Sienkiewicz during his Steadman/Peak phase)
4. Watchmen #6
5. Nexus #5


Mark Spedding

Amazing Spider-Man 39 - Romita
Journey into Mystery 113 - Kirby
Sea Devils 2 - Heath/Adler
Phantom Stranger 17 - Adams
House of Mystery 195 - Wrightson


Jim Caldwell

Batman #37
My Greatest Adventure #58
Wonder Woman #210 (first series)
Tales to Astonish #34
Daredevil #40 (second series)

and, since I could think of these quickly, here's five more:

Avengers #57
Uncanny X-Men #141 (it should be mentioned, if no one else does)
Teen Titans #25
Action #436
Batman #118


Alan David Doane

1. Eightball #22
2. Street Angel #5
3. Ganges #1
4. Scott Pilgrim Book One
5. Strangehaven Vol. 1