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Five For Friday #70—U Got The Look
posted April 7, 2006

Name Five Characters Whose Design You Like More Than Anything Else About Them

Evan Dorkin

1. Radioactive Man
2. Nova
3. Stilt-Man
4. Jack of Hearts
5. Most of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Tom Spurgeon

1. Dan Pussey
2. Green Lantern
3. Phantom Girl
4. Woodstock
5. The Cast of Tumbleweeds

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Michael Grabowski

1. Pipo
2. Spider-man's black costume
3. Tie: Dave Stevens' Betty & Archie Comics' Betty
4. P. Craig Russell's Elric
5. Dick Tracy


Nick Mullins

1. Any of the Manara women.
2. Hopey (though I'm liking her better as she ages)
3. Zetman
4. Rom
5. Marc Bell's characters


Art Baxter

1. The Creeper
2. Mister Miracle
3. Little Annie Fanny
4. Fearless Fosdick
5. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers


Michael May

Blue Beetle
The Question
Captain America


Todd Alan

1. The Warlord - Mike Grell's original ripoff of the Neal Adams designed character from the SF play "Warp".
2. Element Lad - Cockrum version
3. Galactus
4. Popeye
5. the prince from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"


Christopher Duffy

1. Modok
2. Arnim Zola
3. Green Lantern (Gil Kane design)
4. Hourman
5. The Shmoo


Jeff Lester

I recently saw that John Romita/Alex Ross collaboration showing all the characters Romita helped design, and wow, that guy's design sense knocks me out.

So my all-Romita pick of characters whose design I like more than (just about) anything else about them:

1. The Tarantula--those pointy boots? Awesome.
2. The Constrictor--a villain who looks like what I always thought radial tires looked like on the inside? Awesome.
3. The Torpedo--that guy with turbines strapped to his wrists? Way awesome.
4. The Falcon/The Sub-Mariner--I actually like a lot of things about both characters but that armpit-wing/exposed-chest redesign he did for both of them in the '70s? Ultra-awesome.
5. Bullseye--It was really hard for a kid like me to tell what crap pre-Miller Daredevil was because the villains looked so cool. This is just a triumph of design on several levels. Even more awesome than previously assigned levels of awesomeness.

Thanks, Tom!


Bill Beechler

Firestorm…I, for one, love those puffy sleeves and that flamin’ head
Angel…back when he had a “halo” emblem on his chest
Obsidian…I thought the “negative” face, with only eyes and a mouth, was the coolest when I was 15
Batman…I actually think it’s the design work on Batman and his world that attract people more than anything else
White Rabbit…she’s like Jenna Elfman as a 60s Batman villain


Mark Spedding

The Atom (Silver Age)
Loki (especially the Angular Hat Years)
Ikaris the Eternal
Death's Head (Daredevil villain from 1969, not more recent incumbent)
Ghost Rider (biker, not cowboy)


Benjamin Bayliss

1. Adult Robin from Earth-2 (dead? Not Dead? dunno...)
2. Fate (not Dr.- the guy with the knife.)
3. Bill the Cat
4. Jonah Hex
5. Harlan Ellison


Andrew Mansell

1. Fritzi Ritz (no wonder Sluggo is always sweating!)
2. Blondie (How can she stand?—who cares?)
3. Hourman (Golden)
4. Mr. Terrific (Golden)
5. Racer X


Gary Esposito

1. Shazam
2. Blue Beetle
3. Colossus
4. The Inhumans
5. Little Orphan Annie