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Five For Friday #71—When You Were A Tender and Callow Fellow
posted April 14, 2006

Five For Friday #71: Name Five Artists You Didn't Appreciate When You Were Young That You Appreciate Now

1. Carmine Infantino
2. Dave Cockrum
3. Steve Ditko
4. Bud Blake
5. George Tuska

This topic is now closed. Thanks to everyone that participated.

Matthew Wanderski

1) Jack Kirby
2) Steve Ditko
3) Curt Swan
4) Carmine Infantino
5) Dan Clowes (was I *young* when I started reading alt-comic books???)


1) Harvey Kurtzman
2) Gene Colan
3) George Tuska
4) Ernie Colon
5) Joe Maneely


Jeff Lester

Hope you're still accepting these this late on a Friday.... It's hard to keep it down to only five since anything outside the Kirby/Sinnott Marvel matrix was underappreciated by me when I was a kid. But off the top of my head:

1. Don Heck
2. Curt Swan
3. Kurt Schaffenberger
4. Jim Aparo
5. Mike Ploog


Booksteve (Steven Thompson) of Booksteve's Library

Nick Cardy
Don Heck
Frank Robbins
Chester Gould
Percy Crosby


Joe Gross

1. Frank Robbins – Loathed his Shadow work as a lad. Now I buy every cheap copy of the Invaders I can find.
2. later Kirby – what’s up, Devil Dinosaur?
3. C. C. Beck
4. Nick Cardy
5. John Buscema


Art Baxter

1. Fontaine Fox
2. Jesse Marsh
3. Roy Crane
4. Peter Arno
5. Lorenzo Mattotti


Aaron Ragan-Fore

1. Dylan Horrocks
2. Charles Schulz
3. Ed Benes
4. Bill Finger
5. Gil Kane


Michelangelo Cicerone

Dan Spiegle
Frank Stack
George Roussos
Herb Trimpe
Sheldon Moldoff

Listing was tough for me ... even as a child I dug Sekowsky, Ditko, Heck, Alcala, Elias, Robbins, etc. - any of the guys usually thrown in these "can't stand 'em" list. In retrospect, it was probably a comparison thing i.e. "Trimpe ain't no Kirby" or "Moldoff ain't no Sprang." However, the use-to-like-or-tolerate-but-can't-stand-'em-now list would go far longer than this superflorous paragraph.


"Central Printing"

1. Frank Robbins
2. Alex Toth
3. Hank Ketcham
4. Gil Kane
5. Jack Kirby


Alan David Doane

Five I didn't like as a kid but appreciate now:

1. Mike Sekowsky
2. Don Heck
3. R. Crumb
4. Nestor Redondo
5. John Buscema

Plus, five I didn't appreciate then and my opinion hasn't substantially changed:

1. Alex Saviuk
2. Alan Kupperberg
3. Vince Colletta
4. Rich Buckler
5. George Tuska

And yes, it is a mystery to me as well why I have come to appreciate Don Heck's artistry while still not caring for Tuska's work, despite what seem to be a lot of similarities in their work to my eyes...


Dan Coyle

1. Tom Palmer
2. Al Williamson
3. Keith Giffen
4. John Buscema
5. Howard Chaykin


Gary Esposito

1. Steve Ditko
2. Walt Kelly
3. Frank Robbins
4. Robert Crumb
5. Hugo Pratt

The list of artists that I didn't appreciate when I was young and still don't appreciate now would be a far, far longer list that would include Jack Kirby.


Robert Ullman

Mike Mignola (the first time I saw his work was in Alpha Flight #29, which had previously been illustrated by John Byrne. My thirteen-year-old brain exclaimed "They traded John Byrne for this guy? He doesn't even draw in Heather Hudson's eyeballs!")
Bill Sienkiewicz (Same situation as before, 'cept he took over New Mutants from, I believe, Tom Palmer)
Ramona Fradon (I always preferred the Aquaman reprints that Aparo drew to Fradon' I realize it's an "everybody wins!" type of thing)
Gene Colan
Russ Heath


Evan Dorkin

1) Mike Sekowsky
2) Frank Robbins
3) Johnny Craig
4) Lee Elias
5) Nick Cardy

Trying to think back to my earliest comic reading days here, which I assume is what you're asking about. I could list underground guys like Crumb, et al, who just freaked me out as an older kid. But judging by this list, I sure disliked the Caniff school and offshoots quite a bit as a kid. It didn't help that guys like Robbins and Elias were not in their prime and doing material ill-suited to their styles at the time I came upon their work (including The Invaders/Captain America and The Human Fly, of all things). Anyway, there you go.


Ted Watson

1. Jim Aparo
2. Mike Sekowsky (Did I spell that right? My most humble apologies if I didn't!)
3. Gene Colan
4. Gil Kane
5. Nick Cardy

I was kind of slow, wasn't I?


Andrew J. Mansell

1. Alex Toth
2. Gene Colan
3. Harold Gray
4. Robert Crumb
5. Jules Feiffer

As a kid and John Byrne loving teen, I just didn’t get it, but now I do!


Christopher Duffy

1. Curt Swan
2. Fontaine Fox
3. Howard Chaykin
4. Alex Toth
5. R. Crumb


Fred Hembeck

1. Alex Toth
2. Ross Andru
3. Dan Spiegle
4. Bob Powell
5. Jerry Grandenetti


David Jones (Johnny Bacardi)

1. Frank Robbins
2. Herb Trimpe
3. Jack Sparling
4. Tom Sutton
5. Mike Sekowsky