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Five For Friday #73—Let’s You and Him Fight
posted April 28, 2006

Name Five of Your Favorite Fight Scenes (Be Specific)

1. Hulk Vs. Thing, Fantastic Four #25
2. Namor Vs. Daredevil, Daredevil #7
3. Captain Easy Vs. Slugg, Fight II, Wash Tubbs
4. Doyle Vs. Borneo, Love and Rockets Vol 2 #12
5. Popeye Vs. James J. Jab (his funniest fight), Thimble Theatre

This Topic Is Now Closed. Thanks To All That Participated. If Yours Was Sent But Not Put Up, Please Send Again And Say So!

Doug Gray

Spider-Man and Human Torch vs. Sandman and the Enforcers, Spider-Man #19
Hulk vs Thing, Fantastic Four #25
Olive Oyl vs Glint Gore, Thimble Theatre 1931
Mickey Mouse vs Pegleg Pete, "Mickey Mouse on Sky Island" 1936-37
Donald Duck vs Blacksnake McSquirt, "Sheriff of Bullet Valley" 1948


Art Baxter

1. Doctor Strange Vs. the Dredd Dormammu - Strange Tales #141
The defeated Sorcerer Supreme turns the table on Dormammu using skill, wits and "pincers of power." Ditko did this story just about the same time as his "Spidey lifts the big machine" sequence and I think its just as good.

2. the Thing Vs. the Silver Surfer - Fantastic Four #55
The Thing catches the Surfer with his girfriend and explains things by dropping a building on him. Classic!

3. the Original Vulture Vs. the New Vulture - the Amazing Spider-man #63
The "still-alive" original Vulture crashes Blackie Drago outta the big house just to humiliate him. The original beats the livin' crap outta Drago high over the streets of Manhatten right in front of the Daily Bugle. A slack jawed J.J.J. and Peter Parker can only look on in horror. Romita & Lee firing on all cylinders.

4. Charlie Brown Vs. Lucy VanPelt - Peanuts (Sunday '57 or "58)
After being insulted by Lucy, Charlie Brown says, "Boy, if you weren't a girl...I oughta slug you one!." Lucy is game and says, "Put 'em up," while a cheering crowd gathers. A humiliated Charlie Brown, unable to hit a girl, slumps off in a funk. A great non-fight.

5. R. Crumb Vs. Big Kate (& the Sisterhood) - Black and White Comics
"Great god she's galloping around like a horse!" Features the best "end of a fight" ever. 'Nuff said.


Dave Carter

1. Batman vs. Guy Gardner (Justice League #5)
2. Miracleman vs. Kid Miracleman (Miracleman #15)
3. Superman vs. Green Lantern (DC Comics Presents #26)
4. 1, 2, & 3 vs. The US Army (We3 #2)
5. Sandman vs. Lucifer (Sandman #4)


Will Pfeifer

1. Miracleman and Kid Miracleman in MIRACLEMAN 15. I mean, wow. That's got to be near the top of everyone's list, right?

2. That Daredevil versus the Sub-Mariner fight back in one of the early, Wally Wood issues (I see by your list that it's issue 7). Daredevil (naturally) gets beaten easily, but refuses to give up, and tries to grab Sub-Mariner's foot as he lies on the ground (thus, of course, gaining Namor's respect)

3. Spider-Man versus the Sandman and the Enforcers in SPIDER-MAN 19. It's a
great, wild Ditko fight, but what makes it even better is that is comes after a couple of issues where poor Spidey was beaten over and over and just about gave up. There's a great moment, when mid-fight, the story cuts to J. Jonah about to lecture on the topic "How I Proved Spider-Man is a Cowardly Fraud" when he gets word that the whole town is talking about Spider-Man's triumphant return.

4. Hulk versus the Thing in FANTASTIC FOUR #25. Classic.

5. Super-Duper Man versus Captain Marbles in MAD 4. When Super-Duper Man casually pushes the building on top of Marbles, I chuckle every time. I also love how he encases him in a carbon block after the fight, with only Marbles' little head peeking out.


Ralf Haring

Elves vs. Trolls - ElfQuest #18-19
New Warriors vs. Gideon - New Warriors #19
Punisher/Spider-Man vs. the Russian - Punisher #2 (2nd Ennis/Dillon series)
Vitalstatistix vs. the Roman chief - Asterix and the Big Fight
Avengers vs. Ultron - Avengers #22 (Busiek/Perez)
Thor/Eilif vs. Fafnir - Thor #343

I notice you specified "five of your favorites" and not "your five favorites", so I don't feel as bad about only listing the ones that I thought of off the top of my head. I'm sure there'd be many more if I could browse my library. Sorry about it being six instead of five, but I thought of the last two at the same time.


Benjamin Bayliss

1. Colossus vs. Juggernaut, Uncanny X-Men #183 (X-Men Classic #88) Pete hits Juggs with a bar. A whole bar, scattering the bar stools.
2. Grendel (Christine Spar) vs. Tujiro XIV, Grendel #1-12 (ongoing), TPB: Grendel: Devil's Legacy
3. Grendel (Hunter Rose) vs. Argent, Grendel #1-3 (miniseries)
4. Grimjack vs. Butcherboy, Grimjack #2
5. Batman vs, Guy Gardner, "One Punch!!" JLI #?? (I wanna guess #9?)


Christopher Duffy

Tom took all the best ones! I won't repeat his, but I heartily second them--except the Wash Tubbs one cuz I haven't seen it.

1. Snoopy as the Masked Marvel versus Lucy, armwrestling (from a sequence of dailies that ran in PEANUTS in the mid or late 60s, --reprinted in PEANUTS TREASURY.) Best (and only?) extended fight sequence by Schulz.
2. Spider Man and Daredevil versus the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16 (Lee and Ditko) Ditko's jumping and bouncing Spidey at his jumpingest and bouncingest
3. The all-new, all different X-Men versus Magneto in his headquarters underneath a volcano in Antarctica! Not the smartest place for a headquarters. From UNCANNY X-MEN 112, by Claremont, Byrne, Austin. The second X-Men book I read, and thus etched in my brain forever. I was eleven. Still like it, too!
4. Superduperman versus Captain Marbles, from MAD #4, 1953. Kurtzman, Wood. Three pages climaxing with Captain Marbels punching himself in the head (which erupts in a mushroom cloud).
5. Wasn't there a TUBBY adventure where he and his violin teacher end up duelling with their bows in the middle of a huge crowd? That one.


Gary Esposito

1. Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin: ASM #121-122
2. Batman vs. The Mutants leader: Batman-The Dark Knight Returns #2
3. The Incredible Hulk vs. The Crpto-Man: TIH #205
4. Daredevil vs. Bullseye: Daredevil #181
5 Dick Tracy vs. Flattop Jones: Dec. 21, 1943 to May 21, 1944 (DC Limited Collectors' Edition)


Tony Collett

1. Miracleman vs. Kid Miracleman, Miracleman #15
2. Batman vs. Superman, Dark Knight #4--Hi ho gee-dee Silver, indeed.
3. Rorschach vs. Big Figure, Watchmen #8--"Hurrm. Never disposed of sewage with toilet before. Obvious, really. Two-nothing. Your move."
4. Mongul vs. Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Superman; Superman Annual #11--"Which of you would it be polite to kill first?"
5. Superduperman vs. Captain Marbles, Mad--"les fight, les fight"


Patrick Dean

1. Diablo vs. an entire room of thugs- Chester Square tpb or L&R #49(?) This one might actually go down as the greatest brawl in comics history. It's pretty comical as this masked expressionless wrestler goes through a room punching and tossing people left and right with zero dialogue. Then again, it does lovingly borrow from Eisner's pages with the Spirit going at it with thugs, so I'll call any Spirit brawl #1.5.
2. Superduperman vs. Captain Marbles- Mad #4 It still makes me smile. .
3. The armed pets of Morrison and Quitely's WE3 vs. the military- WE3 #2 This series was such a wonderful mixture of violence and heartbreaking sob-your-eyes-ot moments.
4. A dazed and injured Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus's henchmen- ASM #33 Ditko made these pages work so well, especially following the famous sequence of Spider-Man lifting the giant machinery off of himself.
5. This one might be a cop-out, but pretty much whenever Jack Kirby drew the Thing fighting anyone and anything. Yeah, but it's true. On the Kirby note, #5.5 goes to Hulk #3, where the Hulk fight the Circus of Crime. It's not really a fight, but in three panels, we see a guy shot out of a cannon towards the Hulk, fly towards him with no dialogue as the Hulk turns to him, and the last panel being this shot of the circus tent with the tiny figure popping straight out of the roof.