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Five For Friday #80—Things On My Desk
posted June 16, 2006

Five For Friday #80 -- Name Five Things You Own That Aren't Comics But Are Comics-Related

1. Aurora Hulk model from when I was a kid.
2. Various Action Suits records with Peter Bagge and Al Columbia art.
3. My nametag from sneaking into a Marvelution retailer seminar, 1994.
4. A couple of Devil Girl Hot Kisses tins in which I keep change.
5. Some rudimentary handcrafted Native American musical instruments with the Hulk's face painted on them.

This subject is now closed. Thanks to all that participated.

Sean T. Collins

1. A v-neck Batman t-shirt I got at H&M
2. Batman: The Original Motion Picture Score by Danny Elfman on CD
3. A lot of issues of Wizard and The Comics Journal
4. That wooden Quimbies the Mouse toy that Dark Horse put out
5. An AdHouse Books refrigerator magnet


Rick Phillips

1. A Spider-Man toothbrush holder that my wife got me as a Christmas gift and I have made it a pen and pencil holder that I have on my desk.
2. A Justice League clock that my Mother and Father in-law gave me as a gift.
3. A VHS tape of the TV show Shazam! that I got at a convention years ago.
4. 2 drawings of Spider-man and Batman that 2 of my younger cousins, Josh and Jeff, drew as gifts for me.
5. A drawing of me as Nova that my older cousin Steve got Alan Hanley to do and he gave it to me as a Christmas gift back in 1977.


Steve Lieber

1. A diecast old-fashioned batmobile toy (the kind with the face on the front) that I claim to have bought as reference in case I ever needed to draw a comic in which it appears.
2. A ballpoint drawing of me at age 23 drawn by Joe Kubert.
3. Sean Bieri's homemade wacky-package style novelty: a bundle of stickers of package designs for fake foods like "Tofesticles: Vegan Prairie Oysters."
4. A small stack of b&w photos from the 1950s that show a pretty, zaftig brunette taking poses to be used as reference for a crime comic.
5. A dvd of a film-student's adaptation of a mini-comic I illustrated a few years ago.