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Five For Friday #83—The Talkers
posted July 7, 2006

Five For Friday #83 -- Convention Season Special: Five Cartoonists You'd Leave the House to See Speak Live

1. Art Spiegelman
2. Jules Feiffer
3. R. Crumb
4. JC Menu
5. Scott McCloud

This Subject Is Now Closed. Thanks to All That Participated.


1-Mike Netzer
2-Fred Hembeck
3-Gilbert Shelton
4-Don Rosa
5-Alan Davis


Art Baxter

1. Steve Ditko
2. Justin Green
3. Hayao Miyazaki
4. Igort
5. Lorenzo Mattotti


Christopher Duffy

1. R. Crumb
2. Paul Karasik
3. Bob Sikoryak
4. Seth
5. Dave Sim


Aaron White

1. Aline Kominsky-Crumb. I enjoy her storytelling in comics form, so hey.
2. Dave Sim. But I want to hear about cartooning, world-building, not the loony-tune stuff.
3. Fletcher Hanks. If only...
4. Rebecca of Housewives At Play fame.
5. Alan Moore, because he's a hoot on an old BBC interview I burned to CD and listen to at least once a week.


Eric Reynolds

1. Jim Woodring
2. R. Crumb
3. Ivan Brunetti
4. Dan Clowes
5. Chester Brown


Leif Jones

Not counting the one's you mentioned, and the one's I've already seen speak live:

Gary Panter
David Mazzucchelli
Lynda Barry
Alan Moore
Bob Fingerman

There's plenty more, but those came to mind first for some reason.


John Platt

1. Jules Fieffer
2. Dan Piraro ("Bizarro" comic strip)
3. Joe Simon
4. Paul Conrad (editorial cartoonist)
5. Dave Sim

And speaking of this, Fieffer is on NPR this weekend on "Bob Edwards' Weekend."


Gary Esposito

1. R. Crumb
2. Patrick McDonnell
3. Kyle Baker
4. Evan Dorkin
5. Charles Burns

There's a lot more I could have listed (Spiegelman), but this is what I narrowed it down to.


Patrick Dean

1. Will Elder (I wish I could've seen him speak at CCI in 2000.
2. Sergio Aragones
3. Alex Toth, had he done that sort of thing.
4. Robert Crumb
5. Jack Davis.

"Well, he's a writer more than a cartoonist, although he does draw from time to time" unwarranted #6- Grant Morrison.

As a side note, if anyone ever gets a chance to see Arnold Roth speak, please go. He's a hoot.


Dave Ziegler

In no particular order (do writers count as cartoonists?):
1. Jules Feiffer
2. Mark Waid
3. Grant Morrison
4. Alan Moore (Duh!)
5. Stan Lee

Although if I was making this list 5-10 years ago, it'd include Alex Toth and Jack Kirby. Don't ask me who I'd cut, though...