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Five For Friday #84—Can I Borrow That?
posted July 14, 2006

Five For Friday #84 -- Name Five Comics You've Read But Never Owned

1. EC Hardcover collections
2. Little Lulu
3. That Miracleman where they destroy London
4. Femosaur World
5. Doc Samson

This category is now closed. Thanks to all that participated, and if I didn't get yours in, please re-send.

Jim Caldwell

1. Bone
2. Cages
3. Maus
4. Blankets
5. Wimbledon Green

(God Bless the Iowa City and Evanston Public Libraries)


Chris Mautner

1) Cerebus from issue 1 up to the end of Church and State
2) Sin Titulo (thanks Jog!)
3) Elektra: Assassin
4) Daredevil: Born Again
5) The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy (frequently taken out of the local library during my youth)


Douglas Noble

1 – Sin City – Read ‘em. Wouldn’t want ‘em. I would blame Frank Miller, but
2 – Batman: Year One – Read it. Loved it.
3 – Tank Girl – Not only have I borrowed it from friends, but I’ve also borrowed various editions from at least three different libraries. As fun as a nice fizzy drink in the summer.
4 – Hellboy – I was recently able to sit down with a chunk of Hellboy and enjoyed myself immensely. Now, if only the books were a little meatier I might be persuaded to get them for myself.
5 – Identity Crisis – Yeah, I read this too, but then I suspect I might slow down if I was passing a car accident, so…


Ian Brill

There was a time when I would just go to the local Borders, pick a table near where they sold coffee and read through a bunch of trades. I am neither proud nor ashamed.

1. Every Preacher book
2. Batman: A Death in the Family
3. Shutterbug Follies
4. Sandman: Season of Mists
5. Sandman: A Game of You


Rob Clough

My 5 comics that I've read but never owned:

1. Dykes To Watch Out For (many volumes worth at my old group house)
2. "Master Race", read in a bookstore.
3. Collected Milk & Cheese (the only thing by Dorkin I don't own)
4. Peepshow, the first collection.
5. Cerebus (never could quite choke it down despite several tries)


Charles Brownstein

1. Miracleman (Alan Moore run)
2. Air Pirates # 1-2
3. Wonder Woman archives
4. Breakdowns by Spiegelman
5. Humbug (all issues)