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Five For Friday #85—Comic Plus Other Equals Memory
posted July 21, 2006

Five For Friday #85 -- Name a comic and then the person, place, thing, or event that that comic always makes you think of

1. Barnaby -- my dad
2. Uncanny X-Men -- Camp Crosley
3. Love & Rockets -- being arrested
4. Life In Hell -- the bathroom at Rancho Borracho
5. Cerebus #66 -- a day trip to Indianapolis

This selection is now closed. Thanks to all that participated.

Mason Adams

Fantastic Four #238: Sitting on a bed in Alleghany Regional Hospital, wishing that Dr. Doom had indeed been featured in the issue.

X-Factor #24: Central United Methodist Church in Clifton Forge, Va. I got this issue from the 7-11 next door and pored over it while waiting for my parents to talk to the pastor.

The Maxx: High school days, smoking and drinking with Jim Hodges.

'70s Doonesbury collections: Getting paid to watch condors from a running-water-but-no-electricity cabin in Anderson Canyon, Big Sur.

Bendis run of Daredevil: The newstand on the way back from checking police reports on my news beat in Waynesville, NC.


Steve Lieber

Yummy Fur number 4: Dancing with Alysoun and Lynn in their apartment, knowing I'd probably never see them again.

Marvel's black and white Doc Savage magazine: Making a bedroll on the floor of my parents' air conditioned bedroom.

American Flagg #1: A guy explaining to me what was cool about the guitar solo in the video for Madness' "Our House."

Love and Rockets #22: The distinctive Pittsburgh accent of the woman who worked for my mother's store in Monroeville Mall.

B Kliban's Cat cartoons: My cousin explaining that he'd had to put his beer can collection into storage for Passover, but that he could still show me his unopened can of Billy Beer.


Mark Spedding

This has turned out to be more Proustian than I anticipated, so feel free to edit out the self-indulgence.

1969 - Amazing Spider-Man 39 - listening to the first moon landing on the radio, during a week's caravan holiday in Barnard Castle, County Durham. I'd bought a copy of the comic earlier the same week, in the same town. There were no TVs on the caravan site so we all listened on radio and gazed up at the sky.

1973 - Fantastic Four Annual 3 - my friend Austin. His cousin gave him a big pile of Marvels from, mostly, 1964-1965. This was the cream of the crop. God, I hated him for a few days. It's all smiles now and I have my own copy but it's a madeleine in tea and no messin'.

1985 - Viz - my friend Julia. She introduced me to it and I thought I was going to die from laughing so much. This is the UK toilet humour Viz, by the way, not the manga house.

1986 - Watchmen 1-7 - being interviewed for a job in the Labour Party by Peter Mandelson. I didn't get the job, but I bought the comics later that afternoon. I'm glad about both.

1987 - the first Titan trade paperback of Moore's Swamp Thing - eating a "brain curry" in a restaurant in Bradford with my friends Shirley and Martin. I'd read the book earlier that day and enthused about planarian worms being fed to each other and taking on knowledge through ingestion. We wondered what creature's brain I was eating, and what knowledge it would give me. From the way I felt next day, it was a sloth.


Peter MacDonald

Uncanny X-Men #137 - Jim's One Stop in Antigonish, Nove Scotia
Giant Size Marvel Triple Action #2 - my Uncle's cottage
Cerebus #52 - my aunt's apartment in Halifax
What If? #11 - the cherry tree in my family's backyard
Ronin #1 - my best friend Bruce


Andrew Mansell

1. Avengers #4—My 3 sisters. I had the comic AND the album and had to beg them to let me listen to it on their record player

2. Terry and the Pirates—My mom. A few of her friends told me that she looked like the Dragon Lady in her youth.

3. X-Men #141—my college roommate who used the damn thing as a coaster

4. Superman from the Thirties to the Seventies—my brother-in-law gave it to me when I was 10—Greatest Xmas present ever

5. Fantastic Four #77 there was a tornado in the area when I was 8. We had to go to the East corner of the basement. I was scared. Mom told me I should bring my favorite comic with me. Never forgot it. BTW—the house still stands!!!



Dick Tracy -- my dad who devoured it in the papers and in later years all of the reprints
House of Mystery/Dial H for Hero (the issue with the big-headed future man) -- a hot summer day in the backyard of the apartment house where I lived as a kid. I'm sitting shirtless on the walkway reading it.
Neil the Horse -- a former coworker named Kay who got hooked on Neil at my suggestion
Asterix -- my tenth grade Spanish class where I first encountered the series.
The Spirit -- a friend named Greg who, at age 7, showed me the Harvey Spirits in his kitchen


Patrick Dean

1. Tales To Astonish #42- The B-52s' "Dance This Mess Around"
2. Most 1989 era Batman comics- My mother having breast cancer.
3. Dark Kight Returns TPB- My older brother (first time he came home from college he'd brought me a copy of this)
4. 70's Marvel Atlas Monter reprints- Early beach vacation with my wife (bought a stack of 'em there)
5. Allred's "Madman"- The end of my college years.