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Five For Friday #87—High Concept
posted August 4, 2006

Five For Friday #87 -- Give the World Five Anthology Gimmicks

1. "Name Game" -- Covers of comics by people sharing one of the original creator's names.
2. "Walk Like a Man" -- Covers of funny animal comics in a style other than funny animals.
3. "Retirement Age" -- All contributors are over 65.
4. "Eight Days a Week" -- One story per day of the week; one story you have to guess.
5. "Round Robin" -- First Creator Invites Next Creator and Names Their Genre, So On Back to First

concept from Christopher Duffy, but those are my picks

This Subject Is Now Closed. Thanks to All That Participated. If I Didn't Post Yours, Please Re-Send.

Daniel Holloway

1. "Girls vs. Boys" -- Two-part series where male cartoonists draw stories written by women, then female cartoonists draw stories written by men.
2. "Dropping the Deuce" -- Cartoonists draw short-story sequels to their favorite narrative graphic novels by other cartoonists (think the New Yorker did something like this with writers and novels a while back).
3. "Paper Rodeo" broadsheet -- "Paper Rodeo," but printed at the current NY Times web width.
4. "Halftrack's War" -- Old school war cartoonists doing dramatic stories featuring the cast of "Beetle Bailey." Each cartoonist picks a different 20th century conflict.
5. "Parodize Lost" -- Parodies of the television show "Lost." Not a very good idea, but come one. Look at that title.


Marc Sobel

1) Cash - comics based on Johnny Cash songs (Dylan would work as well)
2) Fortunes - stories based on fortune cookie fortunes (idea stolen from Dave Sherman)
3) Single panel - take a single panel from a comic out of context and have creators develop a story using that panel
4) Favorites - short strips by creators about their favorite single issue and what they like about it.
5) Parents - artists reflecting on their parents


Leif Jones

1. "Ouroboros" - Each contributor has to tell a story, real or imagined, about the creator who's story follows theirs. The last creator in the book tells a story about the one who started it. (alternate title: "Subjectivity"")
2. "Navel Gazers" - Stories by cartoonists about how they came to contribute to the anthology "Navel Gazers" and write the story they wrote about how they came to contribute. (alternate title: "Ouroboros")
3. "Incomplete" - Stories taking the form of reasons why another story by the contributor was never completed, along with a synopsis and/or excerpts from that unfinished story. (alternate title: "Navel Gazers")
4. "Objectivity" - Stories from the point of view of inanimate objects, particularly stories of cartoonists from the point of view of an object they possess. (alternate tile: "Incomplete")
5. "Subjectivity" - Contributors imagine how the world, events, and certain people would be effected if the author had never been born. (alternate title: "Objectivity")


Sean T. Collins

1. Kingsborough Komics--Creators who live in Brooklyn. I can see the release party at Rocketship now.
2. Crayola 64 Pack--Each contribution can use one and only one of the colors from the big box of crayons.
3. Extras--Each story stars a character who appears in the background of the previous story; the final story contains the first story's protagonist in the background somewhere, of course.
4. The Cover Album--I won't be as specific as you, Tom--I just wanna see more cover versions as awesome as Paul Pope's version of OMAC from his Solo issue.
5. We Are the 80s--Comics based on/inspired by specific 80s pop songs. Mainly I just want to see a comic based on "Don't Change" by INXS.


Jackie Estrada

My high-concept anthologies:

1. Hey, Comics' Kids!-- All comics by children of comics creators, age 10 and under, including Alexa Kitchen, Eva Hernandez, Eli Kochalka, and any other graphic storytelling offspring.
2. From Soup to Nuts--All stories must be about a major course in a seven-course meal.
3. Garage Sale--All the stories take place at garage sales in different cities around the country on the same weekend.
4. Al Capp Funnies--Each story recounts an outrageous episode from the life of Al Capp.
5. That's What I'm Talkin' About!--Each story has the title phrase as its punchline.

What can I say? You caught me in a weird mood.