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Five For Friday #88—Showcase
posted August 11, 2006

Five For Friday #88 -- Name Five Memorable Ways You've Seen Comics Displayed

1. Stacked in little piles on a shelf next to the knives and rifles: at B&B Loan company, 1978-1982
2. In a box on a shelf that was physically attached to the side of a winnebago: Shipshewana Flea Market, 1983
3. All over the floor four feet deep: Fantagraphics Basement, 1997
4. On bookshelves, using library supplies: Eric Reynolds' house, 2004.
5. In a pile, soaking wet and destroyed: Milo George's blog, 2006

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Leif Jones

1. In a comic book store (the kind with a cigar box for a cash register), I found office and household furniture, such as desks and dressers, with drawers full of Silver Age comics in no particular order, but for sale. None of the drawers were labeled, so you'd have to open them to know the comics were inside: Fresno, California.

2. In a picnic basket: flea market in Lompoc, California.

3. Fanned out on a ratty blanket next to other stuff (paperback books, clothes, kitchen utensils) presumably fished out of the trash: sidewalk in San Francisco's Mission District.

4. On a shelf next to "real" books: Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon.

5. In shoeboxes: my studio (more stored than displayed, but hey...)


Aaron Dumin

1. Alphabetically organized in over a dozen milk crates stacked neatly atop one another: The personal collection of my former employer at the comic shop I used to work at.

2. Bagged and boarded in a series of fileing cabinets with precise labels affixed to each drawer: a collector's pictures posted over the internet.

3. Haphazardly thrown into a large wardrobe with a padlock on the outside of it: one of my old nextdoor neighbors.

4. Piled in a stack about ten inches high next to the bathroom toilet bowl: I'd rather not say where I saw this one.

5. Hidden in the bottom drawer of my college professor's office desk: my junior year of college when dropping off an english paper to the literature department.