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Five For Friday #89—Vacation
posted August 18, 2006

Five For Friday #89 -- Name Five Places That Appear in Comics You'd Like to Visit

1. Dick Sprang's Gotham City
2. Riverdale
3. Peter Bagge's Seattle
4. One of those parks that always seems to show up in a Mr. Natural story.
5. The Danger Room -- set on "super-wuss"

This Subject Is Now Closed. If I Didn't Get Yours, Please Re-Send.

Heidi Herrman

1. Englehart, Rogers, and Austin's Gotham City.
2. The old Justice League satellite.
3. Richie Rich's mansion.
4. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's HQ.
5. The Batcave (the 1970s one underneath the Wayne Foundation building).


Aaron Ragan-Fore

1. Hicksville, NZ (Hicksville)
2. Castle Waiting (Castle Waiting)
3. Steven Griffin's Honolulu (Hawaiian Dick)
4. Ed McGuinness' Metropolis
5. Ann-Louise's house (Sock Monkey)


Dan Morris

1. Baxter Building
2. Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin
3. Barrio Huerta
4. Marlinspike Hall
5. The Blue Area of the Moon


Chris Mautner

1. Toonerville
2. Asterix's village
3. Palomar
4. The Baxter Building
5. Duckburg


Don MacPherson

1. The rocket-shaped Legion of Super-Heroes clubhouse (via the 30th century/1960s).
2. James Robinson & Tony Harris's Opal City (Starman)
3. The Bottle City of Kandor
4. Astro City
5. Marvel's New York City



My choices:

1. Dylan Horrocks' Hicksville
2. Bob Fingerman's Manhattan
3. Alan Moore's Neopolis
4. Dan Clowes' Ice Haven
5. Gilbert Hernandez' Palomar


Craig Fischer

Kirby's Asgard
The Barrel Haven Tavern, L. Down, prop.
Charlier and Giraud's American West
Wally Wood's "My World"


Gary Esposito

1. The Blue Area of the Moon (Pre & Post Inhumans)
2. Sweetwater/Sweethaven (Home of Popeye, Olive, etc.)
3. Charlie Brown's hometown
4. The London of John Constatine. (I'll be visiting the real city in the fall)
5. Danny the Street/Danny the World (Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol)


Jim Caldwell

1. Palomar
2. Carmine Infantino's Central City
3. Metropolis in the 30th Century (especially during Klordny)
4. Duckburg
5. Whatever city those old Golden Age, Howard Sherman Dr. Fate stories are set. (I imagine there are theremins playing constantly)


Andrew J. Mansell

1. Ylum (Nexus)
2. Smokey Stover's Fire House (How fun would that be!)
3. Not Dogpatch, but any major city in Al Capp's universe
4. Kirby's Asgard
5. Caniff's Pre-Invasion China