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Welcome to Nerd Vegas: Comic-Con Guide, The Short Form
posted May 27, 2007

If for whatever reason you can't be bothered to read the entire Comic-Con International guide, I hope that you'll consider the following ten pieces of advice to make your week in San Diego a great one.

1. The best way to cut costs is by going to part of the show instead of the whole thing.

2. If you don't typically wear a watch or carry a phone (I don't), you will want to do both on this weekend.

3. Don't worry about staying in the perfect place; worry about having as much fun as you can wherever you end up.

4. Join your hotel's courtesy club so that if something goes wrong you have another "in" and a way for hotel officials can compensate you.

5. In order of desirability, how to get your badge: 1) exhibitor gets it for you, 2) press line, 3) pro line, 4) attendee line, 5) setting up a black market for the creation of counterfeit badges poolside at the Westin.

6. Consider packing your lunches; make dinner dates with a few other people instead of going to dinner "as a group."

7. Attend every party to which you're invited; after-party scenes like the Hyatt are supplements, not substitutes.

8. Don't over-schedule yourself.

9. Once in your life you need to go see the Eisner Awards; ditto the Masquerade.

10. Do something fun in San Diego, something that has nothing to do with the con.