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A Few Recommendations for 2007 Lulu Awards Voting
posted May 1, 2007

According to this post by Heidi MacDonald at The Beat, Friends of Lulu has opened up their awards process this year. If you're inclined to vote in these kinds of things, I encourage you to do so in this one.

Here are a few suggestions in each of the four categories. Much more information, guidelines for each award and a list of past winners can be found at the nominations form page. The awards are traditionally given out the Thursday of Comic-Con International.

Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame
1. Lily Renee Phillips
Lily Renee Phillips is one of the pioneering female comic book artists, a notoriously under-appreciated group. It looks like she's planning to be in San Diego this year.
2. Aline Kominsky-Crumb
One of the most important female cartoonists of the underground comix generation, and one of the most influential autobiographical cartoonists, period.
3. Roz Chast
Maybe the last great and truly distinctive New Yorker cartoonist.

The Women of Distinction Award
1. Francoise Mouly
Through RAW, The New Yorker and the Little Lit series, Mouly is one of the most influential editors of the last 30 years.
2. Deanne Urmy
A Houghton-Mifflin senior editor and a guiding hand behind their comics works, including Fun Home.
3. Amanda Fisher
One of America's most prominent not-on-a-coast retailers and a driving force behind the rising ComicsPro retail association.

The Lulu of the Year Award
1. Alison Bechdel
A talented cartoonist with a book many considered the book of the year last year. As we've seen with the success of Fun Home she's a wonderful spokesperson for the art form as well.
2. Renee French
Coming up on 15 years of unforgettably powerful comics and a similar, smaller run in children's book illustration, each of her major books seems to improve on the last.
3. Hope Larson
Cartoonist and publisher, with significant achievements in both areas this year.

The Kim Yale Award
1. Jillian Tamaki
Artist who occasionally works in comics to splendid effect; her Gilded Lilies was one of the under-read gems of 2006.
2. Cathy Malkasian
A highly-regarded animation director, her Percy Gloom is as good as debut as anyone's seen in quite some time.
3. Eleanor Davis
A seemingly prolific and artistically fruitful year; the sky's the limit.

There are, of course, dozens of qualified nominees out there, which is a great thing.

Go here to submit your nominations.