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Five For Friday #17—Not-Quite-as-Modern Superheroes
posted February 18, 2005

Recommend Five Four-Issue or More Runs From Superhero Comics, 1965-1980

imageFantastic Four #44-60, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Strange Tales #130-141, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133-139/#141-148, Jack Kirby
Mister Miracle #1-18, Jack Kirby
X-Men #56-59, Roy Thomas and Neal Adams


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Joe Gross

The Defenders #20-41 (Steve Gerber at his most off-the-chain)
Omega the Unknown #1-10 (Steve Gerber at his gully, hood best)
2001 1-10 (Kirby, getting odder by the panel)
Every freakin' moment of Kirby's Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth (newbies can go with #1-20)
Fantastic Four #38-60