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A Bear Remembers…
posted March 18, 2008


Creator: Mo Willems
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 40 pages, 2008, No Price
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imageThis is one of my favorite kinds of mini-comics, the giveaway by a talented artist finding a home for sketchbook or a story that may not be ready for full book publication. I wish there were more of them. Mo Willems is a talented cartoonist and illustrator who most recently in terms of comics produced 2006's overlooked sketchbook travelogue, You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons. In A Bear Remembers... Willems does a panel per page comic about a boy's relationship with his stuffed teddy bear. It's a slight story, but one that Willems is willing to follow through every possible iteration of its central joke, and I'll admit it got a chuckle out of me in the end. It looks really nice, too, as lovely as a lot of his illustration work. In fact, the biggest feeling that you may have upon closing the back cover is a desire that someone would convince Willems to do a full-length, big-publisher graphic novel -- he has those kinds of easy, natural chops. I have no idea if this is widely available, but a nice place to start would be Willems' blog, which you may want to bookmark for its own obvious virtues.