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Bluefuzz The Hero
posted March 19, 2008


Creator: Jesse Reklaw
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic, 28 pages, 2007, $4
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imageThis is a fun mini-comic, well-crafted and well-conceived, in the same broad, comedic fantasy vein tapped earlier by artists like Lewis Trondheim and Jason. We are led to believe that Bluefuzz is such a famous hero that we will have already heard of his adventures. Reklaw walks us through a set of those adventures, and unsurprisingly they turn out be humorous, frequently ironic, and disjointed rather than thrilling and laudatory. The level of execution is really high, though: Bluefuzz looks appropriately ridiculous, the monsters designs are imaginative, and Reklaw loads on the wry commentary and visual humor without shame. The best thing in the book, now in a paper printing after an initial run with a handcrafted cover, is the series of stand-alone, full-color moments drawn from Blufuzz's life that are almost relentlessly not heroic, making them funny in and of themselves and as a goof on fantasy portraiture in the Frazetta tradition. It's like continually catching the lead character sitting on the john. This is an extremely pleasurable little comic, and you'd do well to track one down.