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Cold Heat ‘Zines
posted March 25, 2008


Creators: Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw
Publishing Information: Mini-Comics, 2008, 8 pages/16 pages, $1/$3
Ordering Numbers:

Cold Heat: Castle Castle and Cold Heat Special III are two mini-comics related to the late, lamented series (and soon to be graphic novel) by Ben Jones and Frank Santoro. In the first of these new efforts, Santoro provides a dreamy series of single images in the form of an obtuse narrative. In the second, Santoro works with Dash Shaw to create a more standard short story about his heroine's experiences starting to disassociate on a bus and descending quickly into the kind of surreal fantasy that distinguished parts of the comic book run. If you were any kind of fan of the series, you'll want both; even non-fans might enjoy the Special, however, especially Dash Shaw's demented art finishes and the book's playful structure in terms of panel to panel progressions. Shaw's become a fascinating cartoonist in that there's a real crowd-pleasing element to his work. He's also one of those guys you can imagine drawing anything -- you could see him leaving cartooning altogether for some sort of unrelated artistic pursuit, but you also wouldn't be surprised were he to helm a syndicated cartoon that ran form 2011-2031. Heck, both artists I'd recommend without even reading what turned out to be a gripping little short story. So let me suggest that you should definitely bother Frank at conventions, if only for these books. The PictureBox, Inc. web site will set you up as well.