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Ghost Whisperer #2
posted April 29, 2008


Creators: Becca Smith, Carrie Smith, John Gray, Elena Casagrande, David Messina, Matteo Gherardi, Neil Uyetake, Tom Waltz
Publishing Information: IDW, comic book, 32 pages, April 2008, $3.99
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imageIt's hard to get lost with something like IDW's adaptation of a television show called Ghost Whisperer if you're not immersed in the television show. To be frank the set-up is nuts. A bland-looking woman of the leading lady variety can see dead people that show up and harass alive people, with a baffling detour into the dead person's claim to be aligned with the Egyptian gods. I know, I know, this sounds like the greatest and potentially craziest show ever, the kind where they tie a camera to a rope and swing it around the room just to see the end result. Unfortunately, everything else in the issue conforms to standard post-1970s television, including the basic civics lesson that this particular situation involving the undead visits upon the living. In most ways that count it's like an episode of Family where Buddy has superpowers and an impressive, plunging neckline.

I don't mean anyone ill will that worked on this comic book. Writing good comics is hard, even for a professional television writer -- some might say especially for a professional television writer. There are constraints on a book like this one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy that's a professional television writer writing comic books. Also, Ghost Whisperer makes a certain amount of sense as a publishing project. Unlike an immensely, super-popular show, a modest-sized hit like Ghost Whisperer likely has fans that want more exposure to the show but realizes there aren't enough of them to demand it. My brothers would definitely read a Brisco County Jr. book; I'd read one for Buffalo Bill or The Associates. But when it's done in such a straight-forward, heavy-handed and perfunctory fashion, it's just kind of dreary to read a comic like this one. I can't imagine anyone not already sold on the project having a very good time with this book, and those that are on board might deserve something better. Is this really any more fun than watching a re-run?