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Case Files: Sam & Twitch #15
posted March 28, 2005

imageCreators: Marc Andreyko, E.J. Su, Jay Fotos, Greg Capullo, Jimmy Betancourt
Publishing Info: Todd McFarlane Productions, 32 pages, $2.50
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The blurb above the title claims "hard-edged crime fiction," but the story in "Ancient Chinese Secret Part 2" is pretty soft. Fat Detective and Bright Detective are investigating something in Chinatown that may or may not have something to do with vampires. I say "may" because they show people with sharp fangs flying around and eating people; I say "may not" because the letters page cautions me to do so and because my dim memory of this title is that it's a straight-forward crime comic.

There's really little else to distinguish what is a pretty slow-going story. There's one not-horrible joke about the stereotypical surroundings, and the characters feel like they belong on the page, as if they're proven concepts no matter if I haven't read one of their adventures before now. Su's page breakdowns are more attractive than the figure drawing: there's a nice page near the end where the readers eyes bounce up with the one of the character's head to reveal information about two-thirds of the way up. But the majority of pages are perfunctory like the story. Is there enough affection for these characters that they'll survive such straight-ahead execution?