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Flaming Carrot Comics #2 (#34)
posted March 31, 2005


Creator: Bob Burden, Roxanne Starr
Publishing Info: Image Comics/Desperado, 32 pages, $3.50
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Bob Burden's comics are an acquired taste, and as they've been around for twenty years or so now, you've probably decided whether it's a taste worth acquiring. Seeing his work again in comic book form makes me happy because what's left now, decades after similar superhero parodies, is a realization of how much Burden's art makes these stories work. Bob Burden draws like a hobo would who learned the skill to stay warm at the rec center on the weekends. Everybody's ugly; bodies, cars and buildings narrow and widen in weird places, people dance spasmodically to show action. No one chooses funnier angles at which to depict a panel than Burden; because he doesn't seem to care about standard action, some of the scenes feel like you stumbled around your buddy's house to see this taking place right in front of you. It's a big reason the movie didn't work. It should have been filmed by Ken Loach.

In this issue, Flaming Carrot seems to be trying harder than usual, with a lot of set pieces and very little in the way of random oddities. There's also an odd switch in character perspectives I've never seen before. Still, it's nice to have these stories back, so I'm not going to say a word that's bad.