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Medicine Show
posted May 12, 2008


Creator: Jason T. Miles
Publishing Information: self-published, mini-comic, 36 pages, 2008, no price
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One tends to either like these kind of abstract drawing minis or not. I do when there's a compelling visual element, and Jason Miles' latest offers at least a couple of interesting ideas. His lumpen, bone-shape figures compress and move apart like one of those art videos that slipped into an episode or two of Electric Company once upon a time. The trick is that it's possible to see both human figures in the way they're piled, and a kind of broader life itself, in the way they heave and move, but also I think rudimentary language in terms of how elements are spaced on the page. It's easy to forget about the power of spacing and building figures and representing language on the page; in that way, at least for those of us that like thinking about such things, Medicine Show cam serve as a reminder of comics' essential power, the way things work in their primal form, like an acting exercise that drops speaking and representational action for a play on figures in relation to one another.

Or I'm really stoned.