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Blue Moon #3
posted May 15, 2008


Creator: Elijah Brubaker
Publishing Information: self-published, mini-comic, 24 pages, 2007, no price
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Northwest cartoonist Elijah Brubaker kicks off this modest collection of diary strips with a funny, written introduction where he basically buries the work. "Over the next ten or so pages you'll see some diary comics I did while I lived in Seattle... maybe a few from Portland. I don't really know because I have this thing about putting dates on my diary strips. Really, it's unimportant when any of this stuff happened. It's all just the same worries and complaints over and over again. These things are way too self-indulgent. My apologies."

I love the attitude shift in the middle of that paragraph, as humorous in its own way as some of those within the comics presented. Brubaker is being too hard on himself, of course. A lot of the work here justifies itself by being attractively drawn and amusing. Where he might have a point is in the massive difference in visual approach and general tone, which do make it hard to get into the rhythms of the cartoonist's life from strip to strip. It's hard to imagine anyone getting mad at a mini-comic even if the work were 1/10th as skillful as the best work here. As the foundation for a major work? Probably wouldn't do the job? As a giveaway mini? Ten minutes of entertainment and occasional insight.