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Ghostattack!? #1
posted June 4, 2008


Creators: Zack Soto
Publishing Information: Self-published, mini-comic, 32 pages, 2008
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This is a fine little sketch mini from the artist Zack Soto that I received from him at the Stumptown Comics Fest. It hits all the expected buttons: an attractive cover and set of end papers that make use of their ability to hold color, dozens upon dozens of cool-looking drawings in a variety of styles, and a short tour through some of Soto's more common visual tics. If there's any star here, it's the way Soto designs figures. He has a real knack for capturing the frozen, stylish stance and angular oddities of fantasy creatures, although one or two portraits drawn from life are equally attractive representatives of a more lush, carefully considered style. I love getting comics like this at shows, because they reveal enough about the artist to intrigue but by eschewing narrative you get to know them in ways you might ignore later on when there's a story involved. Anyway, I recommend this one for those of you who, like me, love collecting convention giveaways and homemade art books.