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posted June 30, 2008


Creator: Jason T. Miles
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 20 pages, 2007, no price
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This is probably the most accessible of the comics that Fantagraphics' Jason T. Miles has been producing with great alacrity for the last few years. Unlike some of the more obtuse works that operate within a single mode of presentation, Pines offers up a variety of his predilections under one cover. You get pulsating, text-driven manifestos; textured art; Bradley Johnson-like figure drawing; leering faces; dropped details; and verbal-visual interplay that depends as much on the clash of those elements as it does on them working together. The end result is a restless-feeling mini-comic from an artist that's just starting to form a vocabulary for future comics work: not all that satisfying on its own, but an interesting diversion and something that, if you're in comics for the long haul, you store away for future reference. There's bound to be something in here that will interest most fans of the outer edges of alt-comix expression, a turn of phrase or an element of one of the drawings. Whether or not it's what you enjoy about Pines #1 that will serve as the basis for Miles' future comics is still up in the air.