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Return Me To The Sea
posted July 10, 2008


Creator: Sam Sharpe
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 16 pages, 2007, $2.50
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This was on the recommend shelf at Quimby's in Chicago during a June 2008 visit, and it's easy to see why. It has two obvious meritorious aspects. First, the art has some kick to it. Sharpe has a knack for elegant but not overly abstract character design, and is able to drive visual interest through a number of subtle techniques such as dropping backgrounds or using black on the page to drive the reader's eye where Sharpe would like it to go. Even better, the fable-like story has two unforeseen progressions that nonetheless make sense in terms of what we learn about the main characters. One is extremely romantic and pleasurable to see blossom; the other is tragic and ugly, maybe more so because the consequences as depicted on the page indicates it remains a symbolic action rather than a physical, ugly one that could be chalked up to misplaced passion. I'd keep an eye on this cartoonist, especially if they're as young as certain elements of the work indicate.