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Hyperbox #3
posted July 7, 2008


Creator: William Cardini
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 20 pages, 2008, no price
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This is a very crudely-drawn mini-comic that looks like a Jack Kirby adventure drawn by Mike Diana if Diana had grown up under the influence of the Fort Thunder crowd. It's the sensibility and not the execution that brings about that comparison. From the author's own description of issues #1-2:
Mark discovers a hyperbox that transports him to the Hyperverse. While wandering around there, he is zapped by a Hypergawd to yet another dimension, where everything, including himself, looks like an X-ray. Mark ends up being swallowed whole by the Lizzard, a creature whose digestive process crystallizes Mark's body. And then Hyperbox #3 begins.
I think you can see why I'm a little bit in love with this mini-comic, despite a level of accomplishment that barely rises above what my friends and I were pulling off in Sophomore year study hall. It's one of those beautiful things that mini-comics does: providing a glimpse into an outlook that reaches far beyond what the craft skills of the cartoonist make him capable of doing.