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Crustacean Frustration
posted August 5, 2008


Creator: Rob Ullman
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic, June 2008, $3
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This is one of several mini-comics that Rob Ullman had on display at this year's Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ullman has in the last few years become best known in mini-comics circles for a bunch of comics featuring cartoony girly art, so this book -- safe for all ages, I think -- stands out in contrast. Its mix of caper and fable that leads one man to greater happiness through a series of broad circumstances won't knock anyone out in the children's book publishing world, but it passes the time. The basis of the mini's appeal, and something which you can judge on your own, is almost certainly Ullman's art, which in this little book includes more abstract design than I'm used to seeing, or at least than my memory can bring to the surface when it comes to the Richmond cartoonist's work. I like the idea of mini-comics that act as a kind of stand-alone piece of micro-fiction, the thought that out there are all these little stories waiting for me to enjoy. In this case, I enjoyed my free copy. I can't say how much I'd pay for it were I on that end of an exchange, or that I'd really seek it out. Like the story's protagonist, you're going to have to fight through to a satisfactory conclusion on your own.