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Destined for Dizziness!
posted May 4, 2005


Creators: Souther Salazar
Publishing Info: Buenaventura Press, 48 pages, $5.95, 2005
Ordering Numbers: 0976684810 (ISBN)

Given a spine and some space to breathe, Souther Salazar's stellar mini-comic of nonsense phrases and spirited drawings makes a pretty good children's book. Destined for Dizziness! shows off Salazar's charming figure designs; rounded bodies and heads that barely look like they touch, long torsos and tiny heads that emanate an easy-going attitude that would probably appeal to many wound-up, confused children. Salazar's words slide out of the mouth in wry fashion that at least once should force a smile. I really like Salazar's work, and although there may be better price points in which to enter his oeuvre than this release from the brand-new book publisher Buenaventura Press, I can't imagine a more worthy young artist right now. I could say more, but Salazar doesn't, and I'm likely to take his advice on just about anything right now.