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Stumblers Episode One
posted August 21, 2008

Creator: Jeff LeVine
Publishing Information: self-published, mini-comic, 28 pages, 2008, no price listed
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This is the latest Jeff LeVine mini-comic, which he sent with a note of apology that soon he'd have a more substantial work done. It's split into three stories: one a portrait of a day in LeVine's pared-down life, the second ruminatins from a weekend hike, and a second a flash of LeVine playing a videogame. It's done in a mix of the shading and more complicated line and pattern work that has come to light in his Watching Days Become Years series and a very confident-looking, straight-forward cartooning that depends a lot on staging and the quick way that he's drawn his figures. It's very visually appealing in a way that I never would have guessed based on his '90s work, and the overwhelming notion that comes out of the work entire despite the fact that its narrator seems to be searching for an answer is how content LeVine seems, at least as portrayed. It's way too facile an observation, perhaps, but I can't help but see this as the reduction of complications in the cartoonist's life matched to a similar effort with his cartooning, to impressive result.