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Holy Sh*t, The World’s Weirdest Comic Books
posted September 16, 2008


Creators: Paul Gravett, Peter Stansbury
Publishing Information: St. Martin's Press, hardcover, 128 pages, September 2008, $12.95
Ordering Numbers: 9780312533953 (ISBN13), 0312533950 (ISBN10)

Holy Sh*it is a novelty book more than it is any sort of serious, sustained creative effort: the kind of thing that might be more easy to find resting on the porcelain toilet-back in someone's bathroom as opposed to filling the go-to slot in the average comics scholar's bookshelf. However, the Gravett/Stanbury effort, the Jesse Garon to the same team's Graphic Novels: Everything You Need to Know's Elvis Aaron, is a fine creature of its kind. The book is smaller than the average comic book, but the covers are printed in extreme, edges-obliterating close-ups that flatters the format and each, individual piece. Those comics are well-selected, from several different corners of comics expression: corny cultural unearthings, unintentionally humorous mainstream books, underground goofs, corporate oddities, the rare religious comic, and even two or three formally out-there works like the all-dot-and-dialogue Longshot Comics by Shane Simmons. While I'm not enough of a comics braniac to know if individual entries are fair and to the point, the segments as a whole are fun, and seem appropriate to the subject matter. These things are important because with things like and, we're all in effect our own joke comics editors, rifling through any number of virtual covers in search of a chuckle. All in all, if you're reading this blog, you probably don't need to run out and buy this book; you're well aware of most of these comics, or comics like them. However, it is a nice stocking stuffer and the kind of thing you never mind receiving from someone else.